Bodylastics Recommended Diet Rules

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Bodylastics home gym can be a fantastic beginning in transforming one's body. But without a great diet you won't be able to generate maximum results. Included with Bodylastic's Terrell Owen's home gym is his recommended Bodylastic system diet. Before you begin to follow this strict diet, their should be an understanding of dynamic elements of certain foods and their effects on weight gain, weight loss, or muscle gain.
Here are the rules for cooking and consumption of food:
1. No fried foods
2. Don't go over 3.5 hours without eating a meal
3. Consume only fresh fruits
4. Your vegetables should be steamed or raw
5. Don't consume processed foods
The Reasons for these rules are:
1. Fried foods has been stripped of its benefits, so it lies dormant and drains the body of energy
2. To burn fat and maintain or build muscle, food should be ingested on this schedule. This promotes total physiological balance, energy, alertness, and feelings of well being
3. Fresh fruits contain live enzymes, which enables the body to respond to immediately and more effeciently

4. Fresh vegetables speed up the natural processes in the body including strength, recovery, and endurance
5. Preservatives in food slow down all natural processes in the body including strength, recovery, and endurance
Follow these rules and you'll be on a path to a healthy, productive, fat losing, and muscle gaining diet.
Dean is a user of Bodylastics, the elastic workout bands which enables users to work each muscle group in the comfort of one's home. Additional videos and information is available upon request at

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