Body Maintenance with Ayurveda

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The aim of achieving and maintaining an optimum state of health has always exercised the minds of men since the earliest of times and as a consequence various systems of healing developed in different parts of the world. Ayurveda evolved in US as the natural way of healing or naturopathy. For centuries it was the only system of medicine.

Around the same time, other variations like the concept of 'Ayurvedas' developed in China while Unani saw its beginning in Greece. With the passage of time, these systems progressed into independent branches of learning. Though there were other forms of medicine being practiced in other parts of the world, these three are of special interest to us because they found their way into India at various stages in time and affected the progress of traditional healing methods that are prevalent in the country today.

These ages old systems, based on herbs and diet, offer a powerfully effective and gentle way to heal, with the least danger of side effects. Today allopathic with its powerful drugs often creates a toxic burden for the body one that the liver is unable to eliminate and which impairs necessary organic physiological processes.

The fallout of this has been an increased interest in a holistic approach to health a return to nature. Naturopathy seeks to take human beings not back to nature but back to the fundamentals of nature. Natural cures are able to cleanse the system, thus enhancing the body's power to cure itself and its ability to defend itself from germs. For more details

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