Bob Ross Oil Painting Procedure - Routinely Asked Concerns

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Only a thick, firm paint is appropriate for this method.


To combine paints to a marbled impact, site the distinctive colored paints on the mixing spot of your palette and use your palette knife to select up and fold the paints together, then pull flat. Streaks of every single colour should be visible in the combination. Do not around mix.


When mixing paints for software over thicker paints currently on the canvas, primarily when incorporating highlight shades, thin the paint with LIQUID WHITE, LIQUID Distinct or ODORLESS THINNER. The rule to try to remember here is that a thin paint will stick to a thicker paint.


Painting with the moist on moist process calls for regular and thorough cleaning of your brushes with paint thinner. An empty just one pound espresso can is great to hold the thinner, or use any container approximately 5" in diameter and at-least 6" deep. Position a Bob Ross Display in the bottom of the can and fill with odorless thinner about 1" over the display. Scrub the brushes bristles from the display screen to get rid of paint sediments which will settle on the bottom of the can.

Dry your bigger brushes by very carefully squeezing them towards the inside of of the coffee can, then slapping the bristles versus a brush beater rack mounted inside of of a tall kitchen trash basket to clear away the remainder of the thinner. More compact brushes can be cleaned by wiping them with paper towel or a rag (I very endorse using Viva paper towels simply because they are very absorbent). Do not return the brushes to their plastic bags following use, this will induce the bristles to develop into limp. Certainly not thoroughly clean your Bob Ross brushes with soap and drinking water or detergent as this will ruin the natural strength of the bristles. Shop your brushes with bristles up or lying flat.


Use the 2" brush with long, company vertical and horizontal strokes across the canvas. The coat of Liquid WHITE must be incredibly, really thin and even. Apply just before you commence to paint. Do not allow the paint to dry before you start.


I advise utilizing a palette at minimum 16"x20" in dimensions. While there is much less of a issue relating to your particular wellbeing when applying exterior paints that contains VOCs, you could possibly even now want to continue to keep air pollution to a minimal. If ftis is the circumstance, there are some natural alternatives that can be applied on the exterior of your dwelling and other buildings. For illustration, lime wash, finish and stain can all be utilised for exterior programs. There are also several brands of minimal-VOC exterior paints that are made for these who want to lessen the amount of air pollution they make. Some of these brand names involve:

*BioShield Paint
*earthBorn Paints
*Ecos Natural and organic Paints
*St. Astier Lime Paints
*YOLO Colorhouse

As an extra bonus, pints these kinds of as the Normal Hydraulic Limes line from St. Astier Lime Paints is resistant to bacteria and salt, non-poisonous, inhospitable to mildew and recyclable.

Removing Paint

Of training course, when it arrives to finishing an eco-pleasant exterior paint venture, the paint elimination process ought to also be addressed.

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