Bob Dylan gets caught again

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Have you seen the newest revelation about Bob Dylan? Surprise, he has been accused of plagiarism yet again. Many of you may remember a couple years ago when Bob Dylan was accused of ripping off a book by a Japanese author, pretty much using words from the author's book word for word in his one of his songs. Now, I have made the case for years that everything in the world has already been said in one way or another, so the whole college obsession with not plagiarizing anything has gone way overboard. I had a professor once who said that if you used more than 3 words in a row that someone else has used, then you are plagiarizing. Give me a break! But, this is a different story. Bob Dylan has always been someone I respect and of course probably the greatest song writer of our, or any other time. Why would he need to plagiarize anything? This calls into question the source of all his songs. The current debate has to do with a poem that was written when he was only 16 years old for a summer camp newspaper. This earliest known example of Bob Dylan's song writing is going on sale in an auction held by Christie's, the famous auction house. The problem is, the lyrics themselves bear a strong, and I do mean strong resemblance to a song sung years earlier by a country and western legend, Hank Snow. The song in question was called "Little Buddy" and Dylan's poem was even called, surprisingly enough, "Little Buddy." He didn't even change the name! Interestingly enough, Christie's, the world famous auction house that should be the experts on authentication of items, failed to find the stunning similarity. It was actually found by a newspaper reader and then relayed to Christie's by Reuters, who initially broke the story. Christie's then realized their mistake and did, well, nothing. They admitted that the song was originally Hank Snow's, but they said that since Bob Dylan wrote them down, they are considered the earliest known lyrics of Bob Dylan. Huh? Christie's is obviously just looking for a payday, which of course is why they are in business. But, this is just another case of a fake or forgery in the art and auction business and should put a warning out for anyone that wants to collect rare memorabilia. It might not be that rare or original at all. If people are that stupid to pay thousands of dollars just to own a piece of paper that Bob Dylan wrote down anything on, much less a copy of another person's song, then I guess they deserve what they get. As to Bob Dylan though, I understand. He is a weird dude and that is what makes him so intriguing, marvelous and timeless. He just needs to get an adviser to tell him how to manage his image. He doesn't need to release anything that is not his, that puts a pale on all his work. Instead, he should write down the things other people write that he likes, put them in a drawer, and then 30 years from now they will be worth thousands of dollars and his image will improve.

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