Blanket America to Ease the Suffering of Families like Little Jeffrey's

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As you sit here reading, 35 million Americans are living in poverty. Though the Great Recession shows signs of improvement on a national level, many destitute families are not getting the relief they need against the cold winter months ahead. For those of us who have suffered through poverty before, the memory of cold winter months with no relief make us shudder. Take the story of little Jeffrey, a small town Nebraska child.

Jeffrey had two sisters and one brother, all of whom lived in a trailer house with their single mother Joan. Jeffrey's mother owned a small restaurant, and worked incredibly long hours to make ends meet. But it seems that no matter how hard she tried, there was never enough money to pay all the bills, provide warm blankets and winter clothing and still do home repairs. As a consequence, Jeffrey and the other children went to bed each night in bedrooms barely warmer than the temperature outside.

One morning, little Jeffrey woke up to find that a strong storm had blown in while he slept. Somehow, the harsh winds had torn a hole in the thin roof, exposing the child to the snow and ice the winter blizzard had blown in. With nearly a foot of snow packed on top of him, Jeffrey found it very difficult to awaken fully. In his groggy, ten year old mind, he knew he had to wake up and get moving or he would risk a horrible fate.

Jeffrey's hands and feet had turned white and numb with nothing to protect them from the cold, and he had passed the point of shivering to stay warm. In short, he was risking freezing to death. It was a miracle he had awoken at all. Though he and his siblings survived that harsh winter and others to come, Jeffrey in particular still has trouble with his hands in the winter. Had he been given a warm blanket to sleep under he may not have suffered so dearly.

This isn't the story of a child suffering decades ago. Jeffrey suffered through this fate in the 1990's. Today, more families suffer what Jeffrey's went through than in any other recent times.

There is a way that you can help children like Jeffrey and his family. By purchasing the Patchwork Heritage Quilt created by Blanket America and their partner charity Gifts in Kind, you are ensuring the donation of a warm blanket to families just like his. With your purchase you will receive your Heirloom Quilt, its accompanying booklet and Patchwork Heritage Car Magnate.

The quilt features 13 different fabrics representing the 13 original colonies on its face and the entire Presidential inauguration speech on the back. Prices range from $59.99 for the throw up to $99.99 for the king size quilt.

To order your Patchwork Heritage quilt directly or find a retailer near you, please stop by Blanket America's website at

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