Blackberry Proclaims The Innovative Bold Smartphone

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The RIM BlackBerry Blackberry bold 9700 includes a glamorous black interface highlighting its large application icons and smart frets dividing the rows of characters for the keypad.

Now, Ive gotten my hands on the updated BlackBerry Bold, the 9700, and i also as it -- a lot. But sometimes it top the excellent BlackBerry smartphones which have debuted during the past year, much like the BlackBerry Tour? Maybe. Just maybe.

In relation to its existing devices, the BlackBerry Blackberry bold 9700 is a real mash-up of RIMs original BlackBerry Bold (processor, battery, 3G), the BlackBerry Curve 8900 (3.2 megapixel camera, memory upped to 256MB of flash, 480 by 360 display), the BlackBerry Tour (similar keyboard) as well as the BlackBerry Curve 8520 (optical trackpad). But as you move the individual components might be inherited using their company existing devices, the general package is unique.

One in the trade-offs for that smaller dimension is that this screen gets smaller too; the Bold 9700s display measures just 2.4 inches diagonally. Nonetheless it does include a high definition (480 by 360 pixels), as well as absolutely gorgeous. The other trade-off to the small size the phone is a smaller keyboard. But I wasnt too bothered through the smaller keys; the still sport slight ridges which make them simple to use for thumb typing.

You can certainly produce a straightforward call from a stored contact name or email, or enter several characters or even the two-digit speed dial number - another real plus. Call clarity and volume are perfect, using a choice of tones and phone modes. You are able to switch off the wireless radio to conserve battery, but we cant check this out as being a problem.

The T-Mobile and AT&T versions in the BlackBerry Blackberry bold 9700 are nearly identical, there is however one important difference between them: the T-Mobile version supports UMA (unlicensed mobile access). This technology that enables you to make voice calls over Wi-Fi wireless networks, not only a cellular network. This could enable you to make voice calls in places where you possess a wireless network, but the cellular coverage is spotty.

Another new BlackBerry, another new design to the battery door. Should you watch the unboxing video above, youll see I came across some issues for reasons uknown with all the new friction fit/slotted groove design. Even though following the directions within the manual and pushing down through the top (vs. pulling down), I still thought it was quite challenging on three units now (one T-Mo, 2 from Rogers) to pop which cover off without feeling like I was hurting the unit. HOWEVER, I soon found out that it wasnt the look in any respect... just me. Discover the shocking truth below to see how awesome battery door design actually is:

Overall, though I find the BlackBerry OS just a bit unorganized and harder to navigate of computer must be. Thats largely given it comes with way too many folders. For instance, you get one folder called "Applications" and another called "Downloads." Since several of your respective downloads are actually applications, it is not always clear which folder they should be in.

The Blackberry bold 9700 comes with a built-in GPS radio. The T-Mobile version with the phone will come with a TeleNav GPS application, while the AT&T version includes AT&T Navigator. Payday cash are extra-cost services. Neither application was placed on my review unit, i really was not able to test their capabilities.

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The other difference relating to the original and second-generation BlackBerry Bold model would be that the navigation trackball have been replaced by way of a gesture-aware trackpad. Blackberry Bold Contract

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