BlackBerry Playbook Tablet Tips and Tricks

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OS Tips:

Mute - Hold the "Play/Pause" Button.
Difficult Reset - Press and Hold the Power Button along with the Volume Up and Down Buttons.
Show Status Bar from Inside App - Swipe diagnally from either top corner.
In the event you hold the uppercase button on the keyboard, it'll border it blue, now you'll be able to type every thing uppercase.
Besides tapping in a text field to bring up the keyboard, you'll be able to bring it up anytime, any app, by swiping up from the bottom left corner - essentially where the small keyboard icon sits when the keyboard is up.
By tapping the clock/date on the property screen you'll be able to bring up the calendar and then swiping up inside the calendar takes you to the Date and Time screen in settings.
Auto capitalization, periods, and spell check function in the bridged apps and Docs to Go. Possibly a hint at whats to come program wide.
Your PlayBook should be powered on as a way to charge it.
Wake Up Your PlayBook - Swipe from Bezel to opposite Bezel (Left to Appropriate, Right to Left, Top to Bottom, or Bottom to Top)

Media Ideas:

Screen Capture - Press Volume Up and Volume Down simultaneously.
A fast approach to crop an image is to zoom in on the image how you would like it cropped and take a screen shot of the zoomed in image.
Push and hold the volume up or down key to skip forward or back via your media.

Watch a demo on how to sync media together with your PC

Browser Tips:

Open a link in a brand new tab. Press and hold a link along with a menu appears.
If your within the browser and your trying to enter a address that doesnt end in ".com", it is possible to press the ".com" button and hold it - this may bring up a menu with the following extensions that you can select: ".net", ".org", ".edu", ".gov", ".ca", and ".biz".
Double tapping videos such as youtube and embedded vids on crackberry makes them go full screen.
To Access Files on your PlayBook, type "file:///accounts/1000/shared" into your browser
To add a bookmark to your PlayBook Homescreen, press and release the "add bookmark" icon (white star with the + sign). Choose Add to Home Screen, enter a name for the shortcut and you're carried out.

Should you be experiencing Bridge issues, please attempt the following:

- Delete Bluetooth pairs on both the BlackBerry Smartphone and the PlayBook
- Go to Options
- Go to Network and Connections
- Go to Bluetooth Connections
- Press the menu key and pick MAP Alternatives
- Uncheck all alternatives under Message Services
- Press the Back button and decide on to Save
- Inside the Bluetooth Connections screen, press the menu key
- Pick Alternatives
- Under Serial Port Profile, uncheck everything but Data Transfer
- Press the Back button and decide on Save

Soon after going through these steps, please restart both the BlackBerry Smartphone and the PlayBook then attempt to use BlackBerry Bridge once again.

Transfer Files to PB 5x Quicker:
Copying files via wi-fi sharing to the playbook usually chugs along at close to 1MB/sec.
Downloading files in the browser runs much quicker (5+ MB/sec).
Any files placed in the media share are picked up by the media library (music, photo, video apps). This includes the downloads folder.
So in the event you take place to have a web-server running on your Mac or PC, it is possible to just make your significant media files accessible via the internet server then tap&hold on files to "save link as".

Files will download to the device close to 5x quicker via this method.

You can move files around in your wi-fi share afterwards (ie. from downloads/ to videos/) should you want without incurring a copy penalty.

While this may not be terribly convenient for copying multiple files, you are able to always make a .zip of the files and hunt around for an unzip app. If there isn't one out there yet, it is possible to bet there will be.
Of course, by then the wi-fi sharing may be running at full speed

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