Blackberry Phones Registering Impresive Sales

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Whenever anyone mentioned beyond compare excellence and very high performance levels in the mobile phone industry, then immediately one thought of Blackberry phones only. From day one, RIM (Research in Motion) had made it a point to bring out only very high calibre smartphone handsets and nothing else. Always targeting the hugely demanding business executives, RIM focusses only on the higher end smartphones or at the most on the medium budget smartphones that the middle level corporate employees were happy to use. This approach brought RIM to the fore and this premier smartphone maker was soon regarded as the ultimate name in the smatphone handset industry.

Whether it is the full QWERTY keyboard with the optical trackpad, or the exemplary data networking and high speed internet browsing that it affords, the Blackberry phones proved to be a class apart and always a step or two ahead of the competition. But even this kind of a single minded approach will soon reach a plateau from where the climb upwards becomes all the more difficult as a new platform itself has to be erected on which to rise above.

RIM has not only managed to do just this but has also started registering impressive sales of late. The premier mobile phone company has just announced its third quartter financial report. And according to this Blackberry phones have shown a remarkable 40% increase in profits. This development is pretty significant in that it has come at a time when RIM was beginning to feel the heat created by the emergence of the Android based smartphones and the Apple iPhones in the market place.

Blackberry phones, these days are increasingy available for ridiculously low prices. Thanks to a large number of Blackberry contract deals, RIM along with the network service providers has been able to sell practically all its smartphoen handsets for really low prices. In any case, most of these Blackberry smartphone devcies are offered for free under one or the other Blackberry contracts. The monthly contract plan payments are usually in the range of 20 to 45 only. And this sum has to be paid for the maximum period of 24 months only.

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