BlackBerry Enterprise’s Server Small Business Edition

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If you’re running your own business, you’ve probably heard about the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, a software package that allows users to synchronize their smartphone with their office computer. It is really a very powerful tool that can greatly help business owners easily manage operations. You’re also probably aware of the initial cost of premium BES software. While a few thousand dollars doesn’t seem much for large-scale companies, the amount is a big deal if you’re running a small company with only a few personnel.

Fortunately, the developers of BlackBerry software can provide you with an alternative program. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Small Business Edition allows you and your company to enjoy the benefits of BES without the high costs. The Small Business Edition allows up to 15 registered users. It offers exactly the same features as the full version, except that the full version allows more registered users.

The main advantage of the small business edition is that your company pays only for what you need. For example, if you only have four BlackBerry users in your company, then you only need to pay for four licenses, instead of the entire package. This way, you don’t have to pay for unused licenses and you get to divert your funds to more important needs.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Small Business Edition also offers an advantage over the Express edition. Although the Express edition is free and allows more registered users, it doesn’t have the same level of functionality that the small business edition has. Available features include the Enterprise instant messenger, more IT policies, and support for a wider variety of business synchronization platforms.

This tradeoff between user limit and functionality poses no serious drawbacks to smaller businesses. After all, you only pay for what you need. In case your company does manage to get a few more BlackBerry users, chances are, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Small Business Edition will still be able to accommodate your needs.

In case your company does have to go beyond the user limit of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Small Business Edition, then you need to consider your options. You can invest in the full version to expand while keeping the functionalities or you can switch to the Express edition, which is free but is limited in capability.

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