Blackberry Curve 8520 Review

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Donít let the small price confuse you, the Blackberry Curve 8520 is a smartphone that packs a considerably large punch. The sleek looking handset has been given a couple of tweaks from the traditional Blackberry body that many have come to expect; most notably these include the optical trackpad as opposed to the iconic trackball that was used on many previous Blackberry handsets, as well as home and side buttons that now sit flush with the rest of the phone. These innovations give the mobile a very sexy look and feel that doesnít catch in the pocket or go through unnecessary wear and tear while being used.
As expected, the world is at your fingertips with Wi-Fi connectivity. Hands free is simple with internal Bluetooth, and super-fast email capabilities keep you up to date with all of your contacts on the go. You can also keep the world informed of your goings-on with the many great Blackberry apps for social networking such as the preloaded Twitter app. Just pick up a pay monthly or pay as you go plan and you will be on your way to social networking freedom. And the highly functional, expertly crafted backlit QWERTY keypad allows for texting at blazing fast speeds with great spell correction capabilities for those frequent little mistakes.

The real kicker, however, are the dedicated media keys for music and video. While this isnít the first smartphone to use this type of design, it is a bit of a novelty for Blackberry, which is traditionally known as a business mobile phone company. The handset also includes a 5x digital zoom camera that can double for a video recorder with great playback functions to watch on the two and a half inch screen.
Perhaps the best feature provided on most Blackberry contracts and pay as you go mobile phones, including this one, is the ability to boost your signal with the help of Wi-Fi. This comes in especially handy for those who live in spots that donít have the best cell phone coverage but need to use their mobile from home or work. Simply connect to your Wi-Fi and the mobileís signal will be given a huge boost with the use of very neat UMA technology.
The 8520 offers a really great alternative to price sensitive users out there who are hankering for a well done smartphone. It provides a great range of versatility with a well balanced mix of work and play features. A cheaper smartphone that can be used for anything virtually anywhere? What is not to love about the Blackberry Curve 8520?

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