BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 is actually an updated version of BlackBerry Curve 8520, with added 3G connectivity and some new features under the cover. Just like many other products from BlackBerry, Curve is a functionality oriented phone with serious yet stylish design. Some people might see it as dull and boring, still it manages to be practical and look good. The 9300 model finally acquired 3G, which was the biggest drawback of the Curve series so far and also, got an impressive Wi-Fi.

BlackBerry 6 OS is pre-installed on this model and therefore it delivers a lot of new features and improves the overall phone experience. For example the browser is surely one of the best and the fastest on the market. Additional applications can be purchased from the BlackBerry App Store. It is more organized that Android store but the apps cost a little more, nevertheless there a plenty of free apps which also happen to be reliable but a little less functional than the paid versions. The phone has really solid Facebook and Twitter applications, plus the BlackBerry Messenger to get in touch with other BlackBerry owners. The email app part is even more than solid and you will hardly find a more comfortable emailing solution today.

Like in many other BlackBerry phones Curve 9300 has a long battery life and a great keyboard. Many additional keys can be found on it (including few dedicated keys for the MP3 player) and it is in general one of the most usable keywords on the market. The phone part works just perfectly and requires no additional tweaks like the other fruit competitors latest model. And of course the web part in Curve 9300 continues the good tradition of BlackBerry as we mentioned it has strong browser and perfect emailing and also has it very easy with all the social networks.

BlackBerry has it difficult today, as the smartphones started stepping aside from being a business tool and started to go global the company started to lose parts of the new growing market. The recent growth of Android and the heavyweight iPhone also contributed to this process. Still BlackBerry is not going to quit. It releases new phones and keeps up with the most recent demands. The whole Curve line is for example very teenage oriented, it is heavily focused on messaging with your friends and living online even when there is no PC nearby. In BlackBerry Curve 9300 everything related to text, emails and social networks is just perfect. In addition to this it is not very expensive and therefore not a big problem if you kid loses it o breaks it. A lot of other reviews tend to complain that BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 is nothing special and is just an advancement of the line. Still it is a very solid phone that can satisfy most of the smartphone users today and will definitely find its way to the hearts of the customers.

BlackBerry Curve is a teenager oriented smartphone line that offers long battery life, great messaging options and one of the best usability on the market. These phones were praised in numerous reviews and satisfied thousands of customers!

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