BlackBerry – Birth of new generation

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Almost half of the world in today’s scenario uses the smart phone, especially who are in need for a better communication and easy business. We all used to dream of having a BlackBerry phone few years back, but now it is much easier to buy a BlackBerry due to the increasing competition in the market. But have you ever thought how these smart phones did originate?

At first there were cell phones and personal digital assistants (or PDAs). Cell phones we used for communication, i.e. to make calls while PDA’s were more like an organizer, where you can keep your records. With the advances like wireless connectivity and cellular phone features in PDA’s & cell phones, Smart phones were invented. IBM was the first to venture into the business of offering consumers highly advanced mobile phones. In 1992 they introduced Simon, which was considered as the first smart phone throughout the world. It was presented as a concept device in Las Vegas at the computer industry trade show known as COMDEX. It had everything in it from an alarm clock to the ability to send and receive fax. Later, 19 years after Simon was introduced. Motorola presented its first smart phone – DynaTAC. In mid 90’s Nokia followed the first foot steps of IBM and began to heat things up by introducing its first line of smart phone – The Nokia 9000 Series. They were costly and more improved. Nokia 9210 was indeed the first real and true smart phone due to its open operating system. But till now the smart phone market was small and limited. It was in 1999 when smart phones actually reached a wider market when research in motion was introduced first in BlackBerry ever.

This is how smart phones came in existence. These days we all are very much familiar with smart phones present in the market. Today almost all leading cell phone companies are making smart phones, whether it is IBM, Apple, Nokia or BlackBerry. With the stiff competition and fast changing technology, what constitutes a smart phone today may change by next week, next month, or next year. Stay tuned! You can enjoy BlackBerry Videos too.

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