Black and White Photography

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The Beauty of Black And White Photography

Black and white photography holds a special fascination for many photographers as well as non photographers. While the catchy colorful designs of regular photographs help the picture to stand out, the ability to do so with black and white photographs depends only in its ability to communicate rather than on its attractive visual representation. In other words, color images replicate reality while black-and-white images evoke the feeling of reality. When an image is stripped of its color, it becomes an abstract or a feeling for it can no longer represent reality. And it is through these images that truth can be evoked, capturing something beyond reality. There, lies the beauty of black and white photography.

Several photographers across the globe practice black and white photography today and have only set the bar higher for them and the others. Such a photography calls for closer attention to the lighting, composition, context and the perspective. And passionate black-and-white photographers have revealed that the best black and white photos are taken when the photographer purposely sets out with black and white images in the mind.

Black and White Photography, Since Time Immemorial

It is extremely important to note that black and white photography actually marked the beginning of photography and hence will remain close to the hearts of photographers. And technology today, makes it even easier and fun to create such pictures. While back then, early photographers were constrained by the technology of today and thus established monochromatic images, as the standard reference for photography as an art. Thus, the purist form of photography lives in black and white images, to the extent that there remains a core of elitists who believe that black and white photography is ‘true’ photography.

Essentially, black and white photography is nothing but a number of monochromatic forms in a visual art. For many decades ago, this photography governed the scene until color was introduced. It dominated not only the images as photographs, but also the media: television, movies and even computers. It was not until the 17th century that the first photosensitive compound was discovered and thus began the colorful era. However, the resurgence of black and white photography personifies timelessness and authentic beauty.

Color versus Black And White Photography

Enthusiastic black-and-white photographers easily point out the unique and exceptional features of black and white images. Firstly, they are capable of portraying a number of feelings, aimed more at the darker side of human life, while color photography depicts a different set of feelings, and aimed more at the enthusiastic and passionate side of human life. Additionally, black and white photography allows photographers to create a paradoxical scene in their images, something that is extremely appealing today.

In a gist, good photography represents primarily two important features: beauty and the ability to stop time- both of which are abundantly present in black and white photography.

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