Black And White Fine Art Photography

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The lady artist works as a gallery director at the art center along with being a working artist. The resident of Hempfield Township discovered her talents in high school, majored in art at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and has been active since 1970 in the local art club. Regular exhibitions of her work are put up at the art center. According to her, she works in oils, pastels and silk screen printing. More information on the topic of paintings is located at portrait artist commissioned.

Using a photograph, she drew a pastel painting when invited by another art club. However, she does not recommend that beginning artists work exclusively from photographs. She says that people who are starting out should get outside to see nuances of light and shadow.

Working outside allows painters to absorb details, sketch the scene and click pictures, later on they can refer to them. She normally likes to do it as mentioned. By the use of several photographs she is able to create composite landscapes According to her, this is especially useful for a commercial customer who would want specific elements in a landscape that aren't clear in just one photograph.

When using photographs as a reference to painting a picture, the painter can adjust the final image to his own liking. What becomes the most important part of your painting should be pre decided by you. Normally she wouldn't do it but using a photograph helps her decide how the work would look when it is completed. Thank you for reading about portrait painting prices and paintings.

Slippery Rock was clicked during the fall which eventually became the photo from where she painted her pastel portrait. SO that no part of the painting gets covered by the frame, she avoids drawing to the edge of the sheet. By painting on the wrong side of the pastel sheet that has low textures, she is able to use her technique of layering in colors.

Rising from the water, the logs and branches are described using reds and blues. She adds bits of red not visible on the photograph to enhance the section of her painting that she wants to emphasize. She is careful in exploiting the characteristic of pastels being close to using pure pigment.

The color values should be stopped and thought about according to her. Using too much light too soon is not a good idea. In pastel painting, you can always layer lighter values over the darker ones, and you don't have to worry about conserving the white areas like in watercolor. You just need to feel your way around pastels.

According to her, a caution should be exercised when using the color range. An advantage enjoyed today is the possibility of enough colors to find the right one without having to mix different shades. The major advantage over other media when painting with pastels is that we can wipe off the color and start over again if we aren't satisfied with the result. It is a simpler medium.

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