Bismuth Free Mineral Makeup and Face Powder for Oily Skin

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Sometimes, the ingredients NOT present in cosmetics matter just as much as ingredients that ARE included. Mattify! Cosmetics Company , who specializes in products for oily skin, takes pride in the fact that their mattifying face powders do not contain four skin-irritating ingredients present in hundreds of mineral makeup formulas and mineral veils. The offending ingredients are: Silicone, Bismuth Oxychloride, Pearl Powder, and Mica. While somewhat useful in enhancing items such as eye shadows, body shimmers, bronzers, blushes, and lipsticks - these items have no business being present in matte face powder. Read on to find out why!


Silicone, a popular ingredient in many gel foundation primers, is harmful to acne prone, oily skin. Mattify Cosmetics does not use any Silicone in their products. Instead they use Silica Spheres. What’s the difference? Silicone is a plastic-like, man made, shiny substance that actually smothers the pores and prevents oxygen from circulating. Acne bacteria thrives in an environment deprived of oxygen. Silicone traps sebum and dirt in the pores until you wash your face, which in turn causes acne. Silica Spheres are a naturally occurring component of sand, and are very useful for soaking up skin oil. Silica Spheres seamlessly glide over the skin, without sinking into the pores to plug them. Skin is free to “breathe” and the bacteria that causes acne is killed when exposed to oxygen.

You may be surprised to find out that Silicone is a commonly found substance in the caulking that surrounds your windows to prevent moisture and cold air from entering your house. Silicone is excellent for forming barriers – which probably leads most cosmetic companies to believe that a layer of silicone on the face would prevent foundation from clogging pores. However, they did not remember that pores must be oxygenated in order to stay healthy and clear. Acne bacteria multiplies when it has no access to oxygen. Silicone blocks your pores and sinks inside them, preventing pore oxygenation and causing acne.


Many people have skin which is intolerant to Bismuth Oxychloride. Most mineral makeup companies insist on using high concentrations of this ingredient, alienating a large group of customers. Not only does Bismuth give a greasy sheen to the skin, it can also cause intense itching when it comes into contact with sebum or perspiration.

Bismuth is used in several liquid makeup varieties, but in extremely small amounts. Most mineral makeup companies use a very high 20%-30% ratio of Bismuth. This is why many people can tolerate Bismuth in their liquid foundation, while they cannot tolerate the higher concentration in mineral makeup. Makeup Companies defend the inclusion of Bismuth, noting that it blurs fine lines and wrinkles, and adds a “glow” to the skin. While this may be suitable for those with very dry skin, it is less than ideal for those with acne prone, oily skin who go to great length to stop the greasy “glow” caused by sebum.


Pearl Powder is another ingredient that should be avoided by those with oily skin. The tiny ground-up pearl particles can get lodged in large pores around the nose and chin, and cause irritation, redness, acne, or even infection. Aside from the dangers to your pores, Pearl Powder will not do any favors for your complexion. The reflective properties of pearl give an all-over shimmer to your face, causing it to look oily immediately after application. Pearl Powder should only be used in eye shadow and lipstick. Avoid it at all costs as an ingredient in blush, primer, powder, mineral makeup and foundation if you want your skin to look fresh and matte.


Again, this is an ingredient best left out of face powder and foundation. Mica adds gorgeous sparkle to eye shadows, bronzers, and body shimmers - but gives an unattractive shine when applied to the entire face. Several companies, from drug store brands to high-end, use Mica in their face powders and foundations. While Mica rarely does anything to harm the skin, its gleaming shine makes for an undesireable ingredient to products applied all over the face. It tends to accentuate acne, scars and wrinkles, the very blemishes most wish to conceal. Those with oily skin are constantly trying to minimize facial shine, and Mica will only cause the face to look oilier when used in foundation and powder.

One of the first companies to specialize in products designed for those with oily skin, Mattify! Cosmetics takes pride in the quality ingredients used for their Loose Powder formulas that do not harm the skin. "Far too many products on the market contain pore-clogging ingredients, which create the shine thousands of people are in a constant battle to fight", says Colleen Lindstrom, CEO of Mattify! Cosmetics. "We assure customers that we will never include these items in our oil absorbent powders - we believe everyone should shine with beauty, not with oil!"

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