Birthday Party Ideas: Lazer Tag, Rock Climbing, Bowling and Arcade at a Family Fun Center

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Are you planning a birthday party? Sometimes it's difficult to come up with fun birthday party ideas. The last thing you would want a party to be is boring. Whether you are planning a children's party, an older kid's birthday party or birthday parties for adults, you will definitely get an enthusiastic response if you include Lazer Tag, rock climbing, bowling and arcade at a Family Fun Center.

Xtreme Adventures Family Fun Center offers all these activities under one roof, along with the Xtreme Café. Just imagine how the birthday will go. You need not decorate the venue. You need not prepare the food. You only have to choose from the sumptuous menu based on your budget. And the fun part of the party is guaranteed.

Lazer Tag will definitely be the highlight of the party. Lazer Tag, also called Laser Tag and Laser Quest, is like a high tech version of the traditional cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians game. In Lazer Tag, the players wield high tech hand-held devices which emit infrared beams. They also wear infrared-sensitive targets. Each player's goal is to tag the other players while avoiding being tagged. The game is, therefore, a balance of offense and defense and can be played by practically all ages. There are no physical projectiles that could hurt upon hitting, as in the case of paintball. Force is not necessary and physical strengthe is not a requirement. Mind and body coordination, dexterity and tactical skills are winning combinations, though. They are also further developed by the game.

At Xtreme Adventures Family Fun Center, Lazer Tag is played in a huge state of the art two level arena that measures 6000 square feet. Considered the first of its kind in Tampa Bay, the playing arena is made up of ancient chambers, snaking passageways and deep jungle through which the players do battle. The setting makes the Lazer Tag game much more exciting. Players can play as individuals or in teams.

Xtreme Adventures Family Fun Center still has another version of the Lazer Tag game. This is called Lazer Frenzy. In Lazer Frenzy, players have to navigate a Lazer Maze with crisscrossing multi-colored laser beams. Each time a player breaks a beam, an alarm buzzer is triggered and points are deducted from the erring player. The object of the game is to reach the end of the maze at the shortest time with the least buzzer alarms. Loud pounding music and a floating haze throughout the maze pumps up the adrenalin of players who can play as individuals or in teams.

Also exciting is the rock climbing activity at Xtreme Adventures Family Fun Center. This is for those who seek even more physical challenges. Rock climbing is not just fun. It is good exercise, too.

On the other hand, those who have a more laid back taste for fun might enjoy the bowling alleys of Xtreme Adventures Family Fun Center instead. Bowling is a game that even senior citizens can safely play.

Of course, the Xtreme Adventures Family Fun Center arcade will definitely not be passed up by kids and teens. Even adults often cannot resist feeling young again with the various challenges available there.

The birthday parties you set at Xtreme Adventures Family Fun Center will not only surely be fun filled but can also strengthen the bonds among those who gather for the celebration. In fact, many companies choose the same venue and activities for their corporate team building programs. It is also a favourite place of many Youth Ministry Groups because of its wholesome atmosphere.

So the next time you run out of birthday party ideas, consider Lazer Tag, rock climbing, bowling and arcade at the Xtreme Adventures Family Fun Center

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