Birthday Candle: The Lost Symbol

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Celebrating oneís birthday is considered to be one of the most awaited events for most people. For others, especially the old ones, would often than not forget their birthday for this greatly reminds them of being a year older and be the oldest among their group of friends. But whatever the reasons of people, for recognizing their birthday and how they do celebrate them, is their own personal choice. For centuries, birthdays have been celebrated through parties with a cake and atop that very delicious looking cake is a small cute well lit candle. In such parties people tend to focus on the celebrant and on the cake which they would later try out before getting away from the party. Yet, among the crowd, no one seems to pay much attention to the little light on top of the cake. This signifies that people are not well aware of the weight of belief and wonders that a cute, minute candle contains.

People seem to forget each and every value of things in their lives as they keep on running after life itself. Tendency for adults is that they tend to lose their childlike attitude. The attitude of constantly seeking and curiously knowing the truth beyond the physical aspect of things is lost, as one ages. Thus, believe it or not, the best birthday parties to be winning an award are the childrenís parties.

In such party every piece of detail is being focused. This greatly includes the birthday candle. Unlike in the adult birthday parties, in these kiddiesí birthday parties, the birthday candle represents a great part of his or her natal day. Its existence is at par to that of the cake. The latter does come in second due to its sweet delicious taste. But none the less, the birthday candle represents more than a candle. It represents a kidís, a personís wish and request from life itself. For a little kid to be able to see a light on his or her cake is truly a great deal than having to see presents on the table. The light that soon he or she will be able to blow at the end would seal the deal of the greatest wish that he or she has been keeping and longing for it to come true. And finally, the one day of the year where he or she has the opportunity to actually release such wish has arrived. A little blow of light ignites the spark of a wish that is believed to come true soon.

Such significance is lost nowadays. People simply blow the candle without even realizing that everything in this world do exist for a reason. Candles are bought and added as a decoration; surely this is one of the most obvious reasons. But beyond its elongated simple physique holds the actual believes of people entrusting one particular breath to hope for a great life in the future. Unconsciously, people have been keeping this deep meaning for the longest time. Adults would greatly disagree with such but as one would truly try to reminisce, once he or she was a kid who believed in fairytales and the boogieman. The light, mystery and magic of a candle, on a birthday cake, also hold the same magical spark. This belief in the importance of light on top of the cake would survive and be relinquished for many years to come.

So the next time you blow the candle of your birthday cake, do wake the child within and you will see the wonders that it could bring. It could bring back the actual person of goodwill and who has love for life and others instead of the grouchy adult who detests life as he or she detests the numbered candle on his or her cake. So make a wish, blow the candle and hear the silent giggle of the child within you.

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