Biodegradable bags- an excellent choice for environment.

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In this age of rapidly increasing technology and automation the impression is we have made great advanced and are now in a far better position than the "primitive" civilizations of the past. However, the waste and pollution produced by factories and the disposal of consumer goods at the end of their useful lives account for a large percentage of the environmental problems we are facing.

Plastic bag is factor effects extremely to environment. Every year, plastic bags account hundred thousand tons of landfill space in the world & it take a thousand years to naturally degrade. It is a pollutant to water, land and air, at the same it effects to the life of thousand range of animal.

Compared with the other alternative of plastic bags such as paper bags, it is not good environmentally efficient. In 1999, 14 million trees were cut to produce the 10 billion paper grocery bags used by Americans that year alone. The paper bags take more than 4 times energy to production and generate 50 times water pollutants than plastic bags. This has a major impact on global warming. Moreover, there are reports of newspapers 40% of all landfill is paper, which is not degrading and more than 70 years old that are still in perfect condition. So where is solution for environment of packaging industries?

There is a good news for packaging bag industry is biodegradable material appeared. This is an excellent choice for protecting environment. By using additive elements such as EPI, D2W or ECM just 1 percent or 2 percent to mix into resin material, plastic bags can be degraded totally from 6 months to five years. However, the price is just a little bit higher than normal ones with the same quality of plastic bags: durability, light weight, water resistance, printing quality, but it bring to persistent development for economic and the life. There are a lot of reasons why using eco-friendly products makes good business sense. The most importance thing is that benefit should go along with sustainability and morality of business. It is recommended for business owner to lessen their foot print on the planet.

In fact now, National’s policy forbid the using plastic bags without Biodegradable additive. Moreover, in the mind of consumer have changed, they care to population advantage beside personal advantage. It is the result of propagandism and policy of Nationals’ Government. A lot of businesses are increasing their loyal customer base, and attracting new clients by advertising their eco-responsible practices. Biodegradable plastic bags- in plastic packaging industry is one of prominent application in educating the public on how plastic bags save the environment.

For more information about biodegradable plastic bags, visit website: to get detailed information about characteristic, different types, positive effects of bio bags on our environment.


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