Bill Glazer Book - Outrageous Advertising That's Outrageously Successful Review

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Bill Glazer's new book, "Outrageous Advertising that's Outrageously Successful", is Bill Glazer's first book on marketing and is a definite winner. At over 300 pages and packed with some of the finest Direct Response Copywriting examples you'll see anywhere, this book is a must-have for any serious entrepreneur.

It's divided into 13 chapters, each one covering a critical aspect of what makes the difference between good direct response copywriting and marketing and bad - and by "good" we mean direct response marketing that actually makes you money.

One great thing about this book is all the ads and marketing pieces included are tried, tested and proven; and given that many of these pieces have been crafted at great expense by some of the world's top direct response copywriters, you're getting one of the best swipe files along with incisive commentary and critique for next to nothing.

At $19.95, it's a real bargain.

But... things aren't always what they seem... since, as with most things in life, there is a little more to this book than meets the eye. It always behooves us to watch what successful people like Bill Glazer are doing and not merely listen to what they're saying.

Because what won't be immediately obvious to readers who are not already marketing-savvy is Bill Glazer's book itself is the main marketing message you ought to take away from it, and not just the contents.

Let me explain.

Without doubt, the contents are extremely informative and useful and contain many proven marketing pieces and strategies you can plug into your own business right away (I know for a fact many of these pieces were extremely profitable).

But... step back and look at the wider picture, and you'll realise the book is a marketing piece in and of itself. Bill Glazer is using that great magician's trick of distraction to hide the true purpose of what he's doing. There's nothing dishonest about this, because I stress the book is a tremendously powerful resource... and in my opinion it's a lot more powerful than it seems at first glance and contains a lot more than even Bill Glazer claims.

The "hook" is implicit - understand how all this marketing and advertising really works, and you can make a ton of money.

Notice how Bill Glazer tells you WHAT was done in the pieces and WHY, but not HOW to do it yourself. The main thrust of the book, from a marketing perspective, is to tease you into wanting more so you take him up on the free offer of a "FREE Colour CD of 108 Exhibits Shown in this Book".

This clear and unambiguous call to action appears on the front cover, as a full two-page spread on pages 5 and 6, on virtually every other page (under the featured pieces), and the two-page spread repeated again on pages 312 and 313.

What's more, the offer is compelling and tightly bound up with the book's content: colour PDFs of most of the featured pieces, with the unspoken message being "you can examine these and use the strategies in your own work".

As if that wasn't reason enough, there are also extra free bonuses with a total value of $613.91, and all they're asking is a nominal $5.95 for postage and handling.

Are they crazy?

No. Far from it.

You see, the business they are in is selling marketing information. And as a long-time fan of both Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy I have no hesitation in telling you the bonuses really are worth every penny even if you were paying full price.

But the real purpose for them is to get you into their monthly continuity programme, because that's where the money is for them.

They know very precisely and accurately that a given percentage of people who buy the book will take up the offer; and they'll know precisely and accurately the percentage of those taking up the offer who will remain as paying newsletter subscribers; and they'll be fully aware of the percentage of those who, over time, will climb the ladder and invest in more expensive and advanced courses, products and programmes.

It's an extremely powerful business model which has been duplicated many times across many industries all over the world. I know from my own personal experience, both in work I've done for myself AND work I've done for my clients, the strategies in this book and in the various Glazer Kennedy continuity programmes do work and will make you money (only if you actually implement them, of course; and there is always trial and error).

And I want to be absolutely clear here: there's no criticism here from me at all; on the contrary this book is actually far more valuable than either Dan Kennedy or Bill Glazer claim... IF you take the time and effort to look deeper as we have done in this article. The contents are a small goldmine, but the wider message is a HUGE one.

Verdict: this is a rare opportunity to take a step back, look "under the hood" and really see how a marketing master like Bill Glazer markets his own business. Buy this book read it voraciously and put what you learn into practice.


Jon McCulloch is the UK's No.1 Direct Response Copywriter and is probably the only British Direct Response Copywriter to have cracked the American market. His work is featured in Bill Glazer's book, and you can download the original PDFs PLUS two other FREE Gifts related to his work featured in the book at his Direct Response Copywriting website.

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