Beyerdynamic DT 250 – Headphones ( ear-cup ) Review

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BeyerDynamic DT250-80 is solidly designed to easily withstand heavy daily use …and then some. The construction materials are very tough plastic polymer and lightweight aluminum metal, with sealed-earcup velour earpads and a cushy pleather-padded headband.

The full metal driver has particular acoustic benefits. Because of its solid casing, any vibration of adjacent components is reduced and it is not possible for resonances that distort the sound to be generated. At the same time, the metal shields the voice coil from electromagnetic fields like a Faraday cage. The special multi-level membrane contributes to the absorption of sound-disrupting break-up vibrations at their origin and the powerful magnet system assures high impulse fidelity in reproduction.

The result is a more transparent and fresh sound, with powerful bass that is particularly enjoyable when out and about. The closed design of the headphones shields the wearer from excessive ambient noise and prevents the music from being heard from the outside.

Like a lot of full-sized headphones, the DT 250s are billed as a professional high accuracy transparent studio monitor digital reference laboratory analysis ‘phones. Unlike most headphones so described, the 250s are actually suitable for such a task.

For a start, they’re “closed” headphones; their earpieces seal against your head to block outside noise, which also means not much sound leaks out from them. This is a good thing for studio use, but also for noisy computer rooms, offices, public transport (if you’ve the courage to wear big black headphones on a bus) and so on.

The 250s also have an old school curly cord cable, which is another plus for many studio and DJ applications. Curly cords let you move away from your decks or mixer or workstation, without leaving you with a long tangly cable all over the place when you come back.

The cable’s about 1.3 metres long unstretched (four feet, three inches), and maybe two metres (six feet six inches) at a reasonable level of extension.

It also has a 8-foot detachable coiled cord terminated in a threaded combo 1/8″ (3.5mm) mini-plug jack. The cord can be quickly replaced if ever the need arises. A full-size 1/4″ inch adapter plug is also handily included in the DT250 package.

A 2-year manufacturer’s product warranty remains standard with all beyerdynamic headphones. Coupler Size – Medium Driver Type – Dynamic Ear Coupler Type – Full-Size Isolation – 15 Manufacturer Warranty – 2 Years

Beyerdynamic DT 250 Details

* Weight – 8.5 oz
* Impedance @ 1kHz – 80 ohms
* Detachable Cable
* Cord Length – 8 feet
* Cord Type – Coiled Left-Side

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