Bewitch The Town On Halloween's Girly Night Out

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You've dressed up a princess, as a ballerina and even been Supergirl for Halloween's girly night out. This year, dress up as a witch and bewitch the town on Halloween. Nothing stands out during Halloween like little or teenaged, girls dressed up as witches. Complete with their broomsticks, cauldrons and pointed hats, this Halloween look speaks volumes about girls' self-confidence and ability to enjoy the moment.

The Witch's Costume

By putting in that extra amount of effort into picking the right costume, you can transform an ordinary trick-or-treating outing into an amazing experience. Should you decide to dress up as a witch this Halloween, there are a few tiny details you need to work upon. The dress alone will not do the trick. What you need for the entire effect is a black, pointed hat, a cute little cauldron probably with a green liquid in it, the indispensable broomstick made with real twigs and not the plastic kind. A scary make up and scraggly hair-do will add to the entire look, as will an eerie pumpkin and shoes that creak when you tread the streets.

Look Scarily Cute

Halloween is a time for enjoying and being a child again. What could be better than going out with friends all dressed up for a girly night out and collect treats on the way! This Halloween you could pick the kind of witch you want to be seen as. Instead of the ever-common mean old witch, you could experiment with your own unique look.

You could also go out as a clique of witches with different looks altogether. One of you could sport the "evil" witch look, complete with the black robe, black cat and black mole on the cheek while another could pick the "cute and pink" witch look, with perhaps a pumpkin with a smiley face and pink rims and ribbons. One member could choose to be the "spell caster" and carry a sinister looking wand and maybe a rat to claim that this is what she can turn you into with her spells. Someone could dress up as one of the Harry Potter witches. To top it all, you could be the leader on girly night out, by dressing up as an "enchanting" witch with accessories in the colour of your choice, long stockings, long black lace gloves and a special hat with a buckle.

You and your friends can spruce your costumes up with just the right make up. Use glitter and wild eye shadow colours and daring lip-gloss for added effect. As far as hair-dos are concerned, the wilder the hair the better you will look. Experiment with coloured hairsprays or coloured wigs. Complement the wild hair colour with a pair of matching artificial eyelashes. For those who dare, the wicked look can be accentuated with flashy coloured contact lenses. Face diamonds, body jewels, artificial cobwebs and the rest will add to the entirely unique look. This Halloween, put in extra effort to enjoy that special girly night out as a breathtaking witch.

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