Better time management ensures a blissful wedding life

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Who wouldn't disagree with these proverbs, Time and time tide wait for none and a stitch in time saves nine. These saying may have been told many eons ago where the life was still in a snail pace, be it communication or be it searching for livelihood needs the life moved in its own slow pace. But today the life has become so mechanical where even our smiles are mechanized. Everyone is giving full throttle to life, the demand of the social and corporate world have also become conducive. To keep pace with the time and to catch up with the good times of life, time keeping is a must and has become so vital, because we have days to keep and times to keep. One has to be very cautious in time keeping as it indirectly influences one's own character and his /her relationship with the outer world. The wedding union also calls for time keeping as either of the couple would have promises to keep and dates to remember. For example one of a couple has to catch up for Dinner at 8, if he/she fails make it, the evening becomes regretful. So it is always said, to enjoy the sweep stakes of life one has to keep up the time target.

Beating the time target has various connotations in life like there will be a meeting with friends, an appointment with new acquaintance, a rendezvous with loved ones, or simply making a presence in the family gathering or an event. Nevertheless, there is also meeting deadlines in the corporate circles, where an assigned work has to be completed in the given time. May be professional or be personal, whether single or married, we have to keep in mind the time and manage it better to experience the bliss of life. Time management is the effective way to keep stress at bay as it helps you to address all the issues without procrastination.

A few points to keep for effective keeping of time

Live life one day at a time:

Planning and executing a day task with complete harmony without any glitches will certainly add loads of value for the future. It is better to stop working out Utopian plans for future and start living in the moment. As an old proved says, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that's why it is called the present and the efficient usage of that present will have glorious impact on the future.

If there are too many things to address, first priorities:

We all are blessed with the same time what Edison and Einstein were provided with, so arranging the tasks in the correct order will reduce the stress and anxiety to a greater extent. Newly wedded brides/grooms need to know this, as they will be in a position to juggle between their old roles in the society with the newer ones.

Being responsible helps in deliverance:
With every passing day, the pending tasks get complex, so along with sporting attitude one has to develop a sense of responsibility. Being responsible helps us to question the mundane things and makes us to set sights beyond obvious. A quality that lets us to excel by not resting on laurels or by taking stock of what has gone by.

Be Accountable to the Time:

Out of sight means out of mind, this not only applies to the interpersonal interactions but will come handy when we go all out for time management. So it becomes indispensable to keep pace with the time. The attributes that will help in managing time, be it professional life, or in matrimony life of newly wedded bride and groom are: identifying the least essential task, breaking the complex ones into simpler ones, minimizing the distractions, setting realistic goals, and honest evaluation. What's more! It's time to start managing the time.

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