Better Photography Through Your Phone!

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Who thought up the idea of having cameras into cell phones? Was it a cell phone wholesaler who understood what consumers wanted? Was it an heir of Dick Tracy? Was it a fond mom who saw that precious sight of a toddler sliding down the slide and was unable quickly to take a snapshot? Whatever its beginnings, the cell phone camera has arrived and it is becoming more and more sophisticated. Some purchasers regret the growing complexity, while others embrace it.

Cell phone cameras won't completely take the place of regular "point and shoot" cameras in the near future. When you can walk into a drug store and get a camera for a low price, you don't need to shell out hundreds on a cell phone camera with fewer features. Still, nothing can replace the spontaneity of the cell phone camera. Every body has a cell phone close at hand constantly, so those spontaneous magic pictures can be preserved on film. Besides, wholesale cell phones with cameras have become so easily available and so low cost that they are irresistible. The cell phone camera is evolving unbelievably swiftly. Here are just a few of the features that have arrived.

Resolution. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution, the better the picture quality. In 2009, cell phone cameras with an amazing 12 megapixels came on the market. The photographic quality produced by these devices can't compare to the poor-quality shots that early 1 megapixel cameras could take - at least as long as the camera operator has some fundamental skill level!

Size. Users still want their wholesale cell phones to be tiny and convenient. The main purpose, after all, is still to converse on the phone, although as these products evolve, more and more features, from WiFi to GPS, are being merged into a single product. Size still matters, however, so as designers add features like autofocus and flash to the cell phone camera, they have to take steps towards keeping the device small.

Power. Battery life matters a lot - every purchaser wants a wholesale cell phone that works a long time without recharging. The camera must be made for the least possible power usage whether being used or on stand-by. For example, camera phones with flashes most often use the low power LED light to preserve power.

Survival. Pity the poor cell phone which has to outlast being flung, drenched,stepped on, run over and thrown! Obviously a camera has to be monumentally rugged to survive in this environment. Wholesale cell phone manufacturers are meeting these challenges as well, even comingup with underwater camera phones.

The best stand-alone camera will always outshine the best cell phone camera in the hands of a capable photographic artist. But the cell phone camera will get better andbetter and remain wildly popular.

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