Best Ways to Stretch Your Scrapbooking Budget

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Best Ways to Stretch Your Scrapbooking Budget

Isn’t it amazing how quickly your scrapbooking budget maxes out? It is so hard to go into a craft store and just stick to the essentials. There is always something new and exciting coming out in scrapbooking stores and you may feel the urge to invest. While it is okay to splurge every once in a while, it is also important that scrapbooking be something positive in your life, rather than something that drains your wallet.

By implementing some simple budget-savvy solutions into your scrapbooking, you may just find that creativity can come at any price point.

Going Back to Basics

While it is fun to own every new scrapbooking embellishment and tool on the market, it is important to remember that all you really need to create a great page are the basics. The basics include:

* Paper – Paper is probably the most important scrapbooking essential. Luckily, paper is also usually very inexpensive at craft stores, so stocking up is a safe way to spend your scrapbooking dollars.

* Stencils/die cuts – Stencils are a practical investment, because they are something you can use repeatedly without ever having to spend any extra money. Plus, stencils can be used in so many different ways that they offer you the chance to really show your creativity and versatility.
* Scissors – An obvious essential, scissors are always a great investment piece and a great tool to help you design your scrapbooking pages.
* Pens – While it is fun to buy different letter stickers, writing your own titles and journals is great way to personalize your page. Plus, you will save a ton of money and never have to worry about running out of the letter “E.”
* Adhesive – Another practical scrapbooking essential, adhesive can be used for a variety of creative purposes including helping you add glitter, embellishments and 3-D add-ons to your pages.

Budget-Friendly Scrapbooking Ideas

If you get creative you will be surprised how many things are just laying around your house that you can implement into your scrapbooking pages. For example, you can use lids and jars from your kitchen as the perfect circle stencils. Also, by cutting up old magazines and catalogues you can find millions of unique embellishments that may just inspire an entire page. Cutting up your old clothing can give you the scrap fabric you’ve been looking for, and can help you preserve memories without cluttering your closet.

Get creative not only with your pages, but with your budget. Cut all the coupons you can find, and remember scrapbooking is meant to be fun and personal, so don’t break the bank trying to keep up with the latest trends.

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