Best Toddlers Discipline Techniques For New Parents

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Before we start with the common yet tested toddlers discipline techniques to help new parents out, let's first establish that there is no one size fits all strategy to making your little ones behave. Each child is unique and psychologists have found that attitudes and habits may sometimes be hereditary. What may work for one toddler might not with another. Good parenting skills entail that disciplinary techniques should, therefore, be applied according to a child's response level.

Building Solid Ground

Parenting tips on toddlers have one general idea when it comes to toddler disciplinary styles -- set limitations and create structure. Because toddlers are still very dependent on their parents, the first thing you must do, especially when your child is starting to respond actively, is to set a routine.

Have your child wake up at almost the same time daily and create a schedule for meals, for play, for walking, and other activities, so he or she knows what to expect next. Clarity in everyday activities is more likely to produce a well-mannered child, compared to a toddler whose daily schedule is radically mixed and random. Don't box him or her in with the schedules, though; remember, this is the best age for your child to learn and explore.

Toddlers Discipline and Consistency

If you tell your child now that it is not okay to yank the dog's tail, don't let him or her do it when the dog is feeling playful. If you tell him or her now that going up the stairs alone is no-no, then don't encourage him to do so even when you have your eye on him. Toddlers are adorable, but they can also be quite a handful if they don't see you as an authority figure.

Consistency is crucial to getting your toddler to behave and listen. By staying firm with your instructions and setting a good and also consistent example, your child will see you as a credible source of information and will definitely not hesitate obeying you. Over the long term, if this keeps up, you will find that you no longer have to raise your voice just to get your child to listen.

Parenting toddlers is one of the trickiest stages new parents will encounter, perhaps next to raising teenagers. It is during the toddler phase that the child absorbs every piece of information around him or her; and, thus, the pressure is greater on the parents not only to create a structure and set limitations but also to provide a good example.


Little kids are adorable, but when it comes to toddlers discipline, the process can get a little tricky. Our site has hundreds of resources on getting your children to listen to you and behave.

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