Best Sci-fi book of 2011

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I am an avid reader of science fiction books and metaphysical subjects, and every year I eagerly wait for my favorite authors to release their next book. There is something about reading a book than watching a movie, because you yourself is the director, cinematographer, and set director because you’re building everything in your brain. This year, I noticed the release of certain type of sci-fi subjects were less than previous year; whether it was the economy or the authors have run out of material, the volume wasn’t there. While searching for some new science fiction books, I came across a youtube video of a novel promo titled ‘Kyirux: The message of Pascal’.

The promo intrigued me to click on the link which took me to the author’s site. Once there, I browsed through the website, and read the short synopsis describing this device Kyirux being hundreds and millions of years old. The book is simple about the origins of life on our planet, and some of the things that even modern scientist may not have discovered, like ‘Fiber Optic Missile’. The presentation and marketing of the book was quite slick, which made me buy the book on my iPad. It was refreshing to read an old, but the most popular sci-fi subject of aliens, origins of life and how we might have gotten here. You can say this is 2001 Space Odyssey for the new generation. Although Sir. Arthur C. Clark was way-a-head of his time and well known in the scientific community, this new breed of authors are really making an impact on to the reader.

No longer do you have to have an agent, and run around from publishing house to publishing house only to be rejected hundreds of time. No longer do you have to keep your manual script inside a shelf, watching it eat dust. Now, if you have an idea, you are in business. Just like Bill Gates’ book said ‘Business @ The speed of thought.’ With a new wave of print on demand publishing taking over the book world, a gem can easily be discovered if you look in the right places. Just this year alone I’ve read five self published novels which can easily be described as classics. But going back to the subject of Kyirux, I find the best part of the book is its character. The relationship between Jack Crawford and Laura was a classic, old school relationship which you knew would last for thirty plus years. Jack’s father John was another original and funny character that bought the spark into this science fiction book. The way author developed the characters, it felt like I was watching a Spielberg’s film.

There was never a hint of any phony feelings or cheese dialogues between characters rather realistic and everyday conversation one would have. I knew the book would be good just from the first paragraph of the novel. It’s essential that an author grabs the reader from the first paragraph with his creative sub-style for introducing a story; how Stephen King does. If self-publishing is the new holy grail of book business, then I say its about time we are heading in the right direction. Not only has this opened up my view on the self-publishing world, but it has motivated to me to write my own story which I have wanted to tell the world for a long time. Kyirux by far is my best pick for 2011.

To learn more about new sci fi books or get more information on my favorite science fiction books, visit the author’s website.

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