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Hollywood has been the dream making machnery for the entire world. And undoubtedly the hollywood actresses are the gems which make this industry shine. Hollywood actresses has been fortunate enought to be featured in roles of importance, something which their counterparts in Bollywood and other parts cannot boast off. Nor these hollywood actresses get roles prominent as their male counterparts, they also receive remuneration on par with them. Hopllywood actresses for long has been considered the example of female beauty. Many has been renowned for their godess like beauty. But a majority of the hollywood actresses resmbles sexiness more than beauty. That is the reason why the phrase hot hollywood actress is so popular.

Hollywood actresses can be classified into different categories. The first one which come into mind has to be the beautiful but non-talented category. There are a huge number of hollywood actress who fits into this category. Alicia Silverstone has to be a prime example. You don't go to watch their movies to see their acting talent but rather you will be mostly hooked by their beauty. The next category naturally has to be the the beauty plus talent one. Hollywood actresses like Anne Hathaway falls into this category. Anne's first film earned her the title of being the most beautiful hollwyood actress of this era. And her subsequent potrayal of characters in Brokeback Mountain and other filsm reavealed her talent as a leading hollywood actress. It is unfortunate that she still hasn't won the award for the best hollywood actress of this year.

The next hollywood actress category should be the Sexy category. Actually 75% of hollywood actresses fit into this box. You see most of them in scientific thriller, horror movies and fast paced action movies. Their only job in the movie to get the guys into the theatre showing off their hotness quotient. An actress like Michelle Rodriguez fits the bill. I haven't seen her in any movie other than the action packed ones. Then there is another category which combines sexy and beauty together. Jessica Alba falls into this category but we have to question her acting talent. Then finally the last category arrives, which includes all beauty, sexiness and talent. The like of Demi Moore, Monica Bellucci all falls in this category. They are the best hollywood actress available at this moment.

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