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There's no doubt that for lots of us Facebook has become an indispensable part of life and increasingly, people want to be able to access it on their mobile phones as well as their computers. Lots of handsets now make this possible so we have put together a list of the best phones for Facebook.

HTC Hero
As one of the most popular mobile phones in HTC's Android range, this handset always scores well for its functionality. It has access to the Android app store which has an ever growing number of applications to download. It is also one of the first mobile phones to use HTC's new user interface, Sense. Sense aims to make it easier to access the information you want rather than having to go through various menus.

Integration with Facebook is demonstrated throughout the phone. The phonebook for example, links up to your friends' profiles to access profile pictures and more of their photos. Thanks to the Hero's entirely customisable homepage, Facebook and a number of Facebook apps (via the app stores) can be placed wherever you want them. There's no need to trawl through menus you don't want.

LG Cookie
The unique LG cookie is one of the few non-business mobile phones operated with a stylus. As one of the few touch-screen phones available for near £100, it will suit those who want easy access to Facebook without the hefty price tag. For music-lovers the MP3 player and FM radio are great features. Facebook is easy-to-use thanks to the spacious 3-inch screen and the in-built accelerometer. If you need to view landscape photos, just turn the phone on its side and the screen will adapt automatically.

Motorola Dext
Otherwise known as the Droid (in the US), the Dext is the first Android handset to come out of Motorola. Dext has MOTOBLUR which was designed by Motorola to make social networking easier.All your contacts' status updates and twitter feeds will come through in the same place - so you can follow the people closest to you with logging in to any special sites. MOTOBLUR also allows you to update your Facebook and Twitter status from the same place, all at once. The Droid also comes with a full QWERTY pull-out keyboard so that social networking butterflies never find it too difficult to keep the world updated!

If you can't live without facebook make sure you choose a phone like The HTC Hero, LG Cookie or Motorola Dext to make sure facebook is near you whenever you want it.

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