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Science has proven that the most basic key to healthy looking skin is the ability to retain and acquire moisture. As the skin care market seems to overflow with new products using the latest technologically advanced ingredients, women continue their endless search for their ultimate moisturizer.

The first documented skin care formulas date back to 3000 B.C. in ancient Egypt, and some natural ingredients such as extracts of sesame and rice, green tea, and shea butter are still used today. But if your idea of hydrating is not bathing in donkey's milk all day like Cleopatra, you may choose today's high-tech formulas that contain key ingredients such as Epidermal Growth Factor or moisturizers with DNA repairing functions. And since we love luxury in every aspect of our lives, even the essence of gold, silver, and sapphire has made it into these miracle jars.

Sexy Skin:
Irwin H. Blank, PhD, is credited to discovering the need of hydration in the horny layer of the skin in the 1950s. Today's moisturizers not only smooth out the skin's outer layer, but also utilize key ingredients that may penetrate the top layer of the skin. Using a proper daily moisturizer is your number one defense against the look of premature aging, as lack of moisture can cause superficial lines, redness, and flakiness with a rough texture. Your perfect moisturizer is an easy way to help you achieve that ever elusive youthful, healthy glow you've been after.

High Maintenance:
For optimal results, moisturizers need to be applied twice a day: once in the morning and again at night-time. And while all of the products I've reviewed are "day moisturizers," you can definitely use your day moisturizer at night, with some women preferring to use a separate "night cream" with additional treatment properties.

Turn Back Time:
Many moisturizers now have added ingredients that are multi-purpose such as lightening dark spots, firming, and wrinkle reducing. As your powerful cream penetrates the layers of skin, it helps to fill in the area between the layers providing a smoother, younger appearance. Sunscreen is also an excellent added benefit of some of the daily moisturizers that will reduce future damage. Moreover, certain moisturizers increase the skin's cellular production, which naturally decreases as we age. These ingredients, which stimulate your cell turnover, diminish the skin's signs of aging.

Choosing a Formula:
Before choosing your moisturizer, first you must assess your skin type. Keep in mind that at different times of the year your skin may change as the seasons do. Some women may need to have a lighter version and a richer version of these creams in their arsenal to alternate as their skin changes throughout the year. It is important to use a formula that improves the texture of your skin and does not feel heavy.

What's your skin type?
Dry skin may feel tight and look flakey due to the lack of oil production. Choose a rich formula.

Oily skin will appear shiny and feel greasy. One of the biggest myths in skin care is that oily skin does not need to use a moisturizer. A lightweight or oil-free formula that will not clog your pores is best for the oily skin type.

Combination skin may be normal to dry on cheeks and have an oily t-zone. A formula with a high hydration level that is not too heavy is best.

Best of the Best:
Moisturizers will not only add hydration to the skin but will also prevent moisture loss. Taking care of your skin now can improve your look today and save a fortune in plastic surgeon's bills later to repair damage that could have been prevented. High-end skin care can cost a lot of money but is well worth the investment.

The best moisturizers will offer not just the addition of hydration to quench your skin's thirst, but may also be multi-functional. Some of my top picks include anti-aging properties and sunscreen protection. By using products with more than one function you will save time and money by not having to use separate products.
Best Moisturizers!

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