Best iPhone Buying Tips and tricks

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Though buying an iPhone seems quite commonplace, there are certain factors that need to be looked into more carefully to avoid problems post purchase. Of course, the fact remains that the product is singly manufactured and holds a monopoly over its service Nonetheless; it may be worthwhile to ponder over certain aspects when you are getting ready to make the investment.

As things stand, AT&T is the only service that is available for the iPhone unless the picture changes with passage of time. The price for iPhone as we see from advertisements is $199 for the eight gigabyte model and $299 for the sixteen gigabyte one. These prices apply only if you are in the right position to re-sign your contract, which would be the place that you would get an upgrade. In the absence of this, it could be two hundred dollars more - thereby making the price far too stiff. Make sure that you are re-approaching your contract with AT&T or are becoming a new customer at this time.

When you purchase the iPhone, you have to compulsively make an alteration to your AT&T mobile account. As you will be using the 3G network on a continuing basis, especially through the iPhone's data fetching services, you must add the data pack to your account. This will usually be about thirty extra dollars to your account. But please know that without it you could be spending hundreds of dollars a month in fees.

Most market watchers will advise the potential iPhone users not to rush into buying but wait a little longer. If the grapevine is to be believed, there are new models in the pipeline, including the iPhone Pro and iPhone Nano. The iPhone 3G is on the cards. You may not be required to wait too long, but just enough to see what is about to be available and what you want. It is expected that the 4G network would be made available in time for the next winter Olympics and that is not too far off.

Experts suggest that it is not prudent to buy pre-cracked iPhone's whatever the situation. The fact is there will be no guarantee that the iPhone will work well or supported by AT&T. AT&T is threatening that it will abandon service and make the unit unusable. This may appear as an empty threat, but it might happen as well. It is preferable to just stay away from used or refurbished iPhone's in general.

When purchasing iPhone, regardless whether it is used, activated or unlocked, check for moisture damage. To know likely moisture damage, check the jack (hole) for the earphones. If you do not see pink, it is absolutely fine. But if you see pink or it is tampered with, avoid buying this unit.

If you decide to buy a used iPhone, ask the owner as to why he/she is selling, has the unit ever been mishandled or carelessly dropped, has the screen or housing developed any cracks and such other pertinent questions. Buy a used item only from a local retailer, family member, or friend. It's much easier to ask questions, and look into the phone's condition prior to purchasing. If you are making online purchase, go a reputable eBay seller who has plenty of positive feedbacks wand has a reputation to defend.

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