Best horse games for girls

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It is not true that only boys are interested in playing computer games. Statistics show that little girls also love to spend hours in front of the computer but the games that they are playing are little bit different from the ones that are beloved from the boys.

Girls love to play games where they could dress up characters, where they could be princesses for example, where could make cakes or something but where the things are presented on a cute way, with live girlish colours. In this group can be accounted horse games which are all incredibly interesting but to avoid searching the best ones here is a short selection.

"Dream Horse" is a typical dress-up game, where the girl outfits a horse. There is a messy horse in a stall, waiting to become stylish with player’s help. First he should be brushed and after that dressed in saddles and stirrups. In this adventure can be learned what kind of equipment horses wear for a race.

In "Differences: Horses" player finds two images that appear same at first glance but actually there are five different details that should be found. When the differences are discovered appears a new pair of images. Here can be seen a wide variety of horses, but also can be learned their anatomy.

As the name says, "Horsey Racing," is racing horse game. The girl chooses between three horses and races through a prairie landscape, leaping over fences and hurdles. The point is to balance speed and visibility because the faster the horse runs, the less visible the obstacles become. Also should be collected items as apples, to get more points. When the level is passed, comes new level that features the same graphics, but there are more obstacles along the way that are becoming more and more difficult.

In "Horse Ranch" there is racing again but in a combination with managing of running a ranch. The player has 4,900 dollars with which needs to buy a horse and supplies him with feed. The amount is not enough so to earn more money, she has to win tournaments. For that, the horse needs to be in a good shape so the girl should train him, to improve his stamina or speed. Passing the game requires hours of dutiful training and a good care, and along the way players get a chance to buy even more powerful stallions.

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