Best Holiday Toys For 2009

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Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are always looking for the perfect holiday gift - the one thing that the kids will absolutely go nuts over.

After 10 years of selling thousands of toys, my advice is to not swing for the fences, but find a gift that the kids will play with and enjoy for a long time. Find a gift that parents can appreciate and that will keep the kids busy.

Magna-Tiles are a perennial family favorite. Magna-Tiles are magnetized shapes (squares and triangles) that fit together so easily that kids can build almost anything.

Magna-Tiles are available in solid colors and translucent colors. Like blocks, Magna-Tiles tap into a child's innate creativity. You'll be amazed at how fast kids get into these building blocks. Parents tell us they love them as much as the kids do.

Automoblox combines the best two all-time favorite toys: Blocks and cars.

Each car is like a hardwood building block on wheels. The front end, back end, wheels and tops are interchangeable with other Automoblox wooden cars. They are the ultimate mix and match toy. The Automoblox line includes sports cars, sedans, SUV's and pick-up trucks in a variety of colors.

Automoblox toys provide limitless joy, imagination and creativity. Made from durable, long-lasting materials, children can assemble and reassemble Automoblox cars over and again.

Automoblox are fun and have great educational value. They promote the development fine motor and problem solving skills. Kids learn color and shape recognition.

Doll Houses
Doll houses are always a favorite toy over the holidays. All the kids crowd around the house to participate and have fun. It's almost magical.

Plan Toys is well known for making high-quality wooden toys. Each of Plan's wooden dollhouses can accommodate play with several kids. The dolls and furniture are sized for a child's small hands. Each house has open walls and wide floor space so kids can easily reach inside.

Two of popular houses are the Green Doll house and Chalet Doll house. Each comes with five rooms of furniture. The Green Doll house has several eco-efficient features such as a wind turbine, solar panels and a bio-facade

The Chalet Doll house is styled after an alpine mountain chalet. It consists of two units - one with two floors and one with three - that can be configured in any number of ways. Each floor can become its own room.

Wooden Trains
A wooden train set is a great gift any time of the year and has a way of transforming a child's play in a way that few other toys can. A classic interactive toy, wooden train sets encourage open-ended play, a feature missing from many of today's battery-operated toys. Kids respond to their own creativity and thought rather than following the prompts of a computer chip.

Nuchi is quickly gaining a solid reputation for quality and design of their wooden trains. While most wooden train sets are designed for children aged 3 and up, Nuchi has several sets and pieces designed for children 2 and up. is a specialty online toy retailer of developmental toys. We select products that are not typically found in "big box" retailers. Some people call this the "educational" market. We call it fun and educational.

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