Best Hairbrush, Decision For Healthier, Shinier Hair

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Fact or Myth: Should you brush your hair 100 strokes every night? There is a lot of controversy over this old saying. Your mother probably told you this was necessary but now there is a question about this and the experts are not agreeing.
There are many experts who say this is still a good idea and others that say it is not as it will damage your hair. Actually it really boils down to what kind of hair you have. If your hair is already very oily, this will increase that problem. Or, if you are brushing your hair improperly. This will damage your hair.

The proper way to brush your hair is first to use the best hairbrush possible. The best hairbrush will have professional-quality nylon bristles that will ever so gently stimulate your scalp. This will stimulate the scalp and release the natural oils. Using a hairbrush that is poor quality will only scratch the scalp and damage the hair.

When brushing your hair never yank the brush from the scalp to the ends of the hair. This will damage the hair and cause it to break. When you brush your hair, do it gently and take your time. Brushing your hair should feel good and make your scalp feel tingly. If it is very uncomfortable, then it is not good to keep brushing. Just use a little common sense.

Over working your hair by using way too much product or stripping it and dying it will weaken the hair and cause it to be dull, listless, and start falling out. Hair loss can be due to poor diet, improper hair care, health issues, or just plain heredity. It can also be due to using an poor quality hairbrush.

One more thing that will definitely do damage to your hair, and is the one thing that all the experts agree on, is to never brush your hair when it is wet. Use a wide toothed comb to remove the tangles and once it is completely smooth again, go ahead and style your hair with the blow dryer.
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