Best Gas Mileage Five Random Tips

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With gas prices soaring all over the US, this subject becomes hot in US, too. Finally Americans joined the rest of the Earth in a craving for saving some gas. Here are some tips from the former car engine designer that will help your wallet a bit.

- Try and keep things in perspective. Take into account that your purpose is to use less money overall. Paying $900 for a tune-up with projected economy of $1 per tank fill is not going to cut it. This is not to say you shouldn't do a periodic tune-up at all. When time comes, of course do it. Regular maintenance is key to your car or truck health, including its fuel economy. But from cash saving standpoint you want to implement the least costly (zero cost ideally) measures that give you the best economy.

- Avoid excessive idling. This does not mean to turn off your car or truck at the red light or when coasting in neutral. Such things are dangerous, and you'll use up more gas when you start your engine back. However try and avoid parking or standing for any expanded interval with your engine working. Take into account that your engine gives you 0 MPG when idling, and it all adds up.

- Consider not going over 60-65 MPH. At those speeds and higher, the chief gasoline consumer is windage, and it is proportional to the square of your speed.

- Consider walking or using a bicycle for short distance trips, or using public transportation if convenient and cost effective. Yes, you save gas (and money) when you are not using your car or truck. - Remove your bicycle or ski rack when you don't need it. It's not only weight that affects your fuel economy; it's windage mostly.

- In the wintertime, get rid of the snow and ice on your car or truck fully. Not only it adds significant weight to your car or truck, it also raises windage dramatically.

All those tips will not turn your 15 MPG truck into a 40 MPG compact car, but they are guaranteed to give you a noticeable improvement.

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