Best 3D Movies

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Of course, there are numerous best movies available for audiences to enjoy but 3D has been the current vogue and latest movie feature to lure people into watching. For instance, the Piranha 3D is one apparent example where the gist of the story reveals Elizabeth Shue starring as a sheriff in the film. The town she dwells in was plagued by some primitive man-eating fish that has been threatening to devour all that they can see. Although not being one of the best to defeat other better movies, this could be a fun story to view through.
Among the many top 3D movies, Step Up 3D is probably one of the top in the list. This is very likely the movie capturing the hearts of most teenage boys and girls. A production of Disney’s Touchstone, the dazzling 3D effects in the film are the main attraction to make everyone fall prey into it. The roles played by Alyson Stoner from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Adam Sevani from Step Up 2 have their toes going all twinkling in the 3D version of Step Up, making audiences feel like dancing along with them.

Being one of the best movies, Alice in Wonderland is certainly one of the most anticipated movies in 2010. Either they are a fan of Johnny Depp or not, all audiences are in deep astonishment to see how Burton and Depp come in collaboration to bring such a brilliant production. Anne Hathaway made an incredible job in acting the lead female character and Depp, needless to say, he kicks at every movie he has ever been. Undeniably, this film is Disney’s summer assault to continue the 3D scenes.
If those mentioned are the top 3D movies, the list should not cease not entering the name Toy Story. The production of Disney’s Pixar displaying the characters of Wood and Buzz is released in 3D version to captivate young audiences. Being set at a surrounding of orphanage and the silver screen also being tear up there, the Toy Story 3D has the ability to deliver great impact to all youngsters throughout the globe. In fact, the toys appeared in the film is believed to flood all toy department in shopping stores.

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