Best 10 Activities for kids when you are out

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Ever been out for dinner and the kids start playing up? I defy any parent to answer "no" to that! There are times when, as a parent, you wish you had a list of interesting activities for kids on hand. Well, here is the definitive list of activities for kids. Some of these easy activities for kids are so easy, they can be played anywhere with no special equipment. Others need only minimal preparation like little goody bags full of fun activities for kids.

1. Eye spy - one of the classic activities for kids, encouraging observation skills and family interaction.
2. Books - as far as quiet activities for kids go, this is ideal. Unfortunately though not all kids will site quietly with a book or three.
3. Take-along-toys - if you have a good variety of small toys, they make a great activity for kids when you are out. Just remember to pick them all up when you go, and if you are going somewhere with a lot of people around, choose quiet toys not noisy battery-powered ones.
4. Cards - definitely one of the most compact activities for kids. Cards suit older children, particularly if they are in a small group. Keep a pack in your glove box.

5. Songs -not exactly a quiet activity, but singing with your kids will definitely keep them amused. Other activities for kids in a similar vein are dancing, story-telling or even role-plays. Of course as far as activities for kids go, these could be an embarrassing option in any populated place!
6. Craft - packing a craft box is great for longer trips. Fill a box with crafty activities for kids. Glue, stencils, glitter, cardboard cut outs and a variety of ribbons and buttons can make engaging activities for kids. Of course save this idea for places where you can make a bit of a mess.
7. Balls or Frisbees - if you are going somewhere with space, pack a blow up ball or Frisbee - both are activities for kids that make great exercise. Definitely not one for indoor venues.
8. Portable DVDs or game consoles - great activities for kids that are older, these are guaranteed to keep them busy. Just remember to pack batteries and headphones. These activities for kids could also be seen as a bit antisocial too, so use them in a discreet place.

9. Pop-quizzes - one of the most educational activities for kids. Incorporate times tables, spelling and science questions, mixed with trivia and even celebrity news. Like eye-spy, this costs nothing and can be used almost anywhere. Quizzes are perfect activities for kids when travelling.
10. Activity bags - ask the establishment you are in whether they offer anything to keep the kids entertained like little loot bags full of activities for kids. Colouring pages, puzzles like mazes and join-the-dots along with stickers and crayons make great activities for kids as contents for these bags. Savvy businesses are now stocking these bags to give out to customers or to sell for a nominal price.

Activities for kids in the car - Try activities 9, 8, 5 and 1 - these make great activities for kids in the car.

Activities for kids that need no special equipment - 1, 5 and 9 are activities for kids that require nothing at all - just each other.

Cheap activities for kids - Most of the activities for kids that are listed above involve little or no cost. Portable DVDs or game consoles involve significant cost.

Quiet activities for kids - 2, 6 and 10 will keep the kids quiety engaged.
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