Benefits of Used Cisco Equipment

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There are many equipment manufacturers in the market. However, there are only a few you can rely enough to buy used equipment from. Cisco is one of the few reliable manufacturers which are trusted for networking equipment.

The industry’s leading supplier of network products – Cisco is known for its superb technique and benchmark manufacturing. The company’s high quality networking equipment is considered ideal for setting up elaborate yet simple and reliable networks. For small and medium enterprises, or for organizations with limited budgets, buying new Cisco equipment is a tough task to accomplish. But these companies make the smart choice by opting to buy used Cisco equipment at highly cost effective rates.

You must know that buying refurbished Cisco equipment helps to save up to 90% off the list price of equivalent new equipment. What’s more with money to spare after buying affordable used Cisco hardware, you can stretch your IT budget and implement Cisco advanced technologies. There are huge licensing fees saved if you buy used Cisco equipment for your set up. Other hidden costs are also saved.

With Cisco equipment, you can rest assured that the affordable prices do not mean any compromises on the service levels, product quality, or customer support. Your network will be in the top notch condition to support your organization’s workings. In other words, you can lay to rest fears of any hidden costs or risk to your network integrity. This is because; used Cisco equipment that has been refurbished undergoes rigorous testing. So you can be sure that it will be up to take the load of your operations without crumbling under the traffic.

As a whole Cisco networking products are known to be advanced enough to enhance productivity, efficiency and manageability of a system or set up. Moreover, the equipment comes with easy operating and maintenance and security options. These features come in really handy in lowering the cost of owning and operating Cisco hardware products.

If you are a small or medium size enterprise owner you must remember that trusted resellers refurbish the used networking equipment from Cisco to an almost new status. You can rely on trusted resellers to repair, test and test again a piece of previously owned equipment. This is done to make the new owners feel secure in their decision of buying used equipment. Whatever networking equipment you need like wireless, security, telephony and others, rely on used Cisco equipment to fit seamlessly in your infrastructure.

Some of the leading resellers of previously owned Cisco equipment follow the process of detailed screening and physical inspection at every step while refurbishing and involves cleaning as well as a complete diagnostic, functional and network testing. As opposed to some of the other manufacturers, Cisco equipment gives peak performance every time and makes for a reliable choice. Give your office/organization the leading network capability it needs and enjoy saving the money while you get an outstanding value.

Another great advantage apart from getting refurbished equipment in top condition is that, used Cisco hardware comes with a warranty too. Nothing puts a mind at ease that knowing that the purchase they are making is warranted for. So all these factors combined together make buying used Cisco equipment a smart decision for any small or medium enterprise with a limited budget/usage.

The writer is associated with Network Systems Resale, a global seller of new and used Cisco equipment and network hardware technology. Products from manufacturers like HP, Foundry, Juniper, 3COM and Nortel are also available with them.

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