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Benefits Of Renting Textbooks

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Textbook rentals are the "best short-term" ways to lower textbook costs. Their research found out that students using textbooks under rental services pay for as low as $130 - $240 dollars per year, unlike students purchasing new textbooks who pay an average of $800 - $900 each year. According to the PIRG data, more than 20 schools in the United States are already offering textbook rental programs, including The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and Southern Illinois University.

Textbooks are versatile they have a long-lasting usage. You don't have to throw your textbooks away after using them for a semester, for example, since students from the next enrolling class can, technically, still use them. Aside from textbook rentals, used textbook selling is also gaining popularity in many schools. In fact, the used textbook market is considered as one of the most promising new types of market in the world.

College textbooks are expensive, yet acquiring them is not a problem anymore due to the fact that many ways of selling used textbooks have already been introduced. Such merchandise include textbook rentals and the selling of used textbooks. You can also sell your textbook online. Many larger schools, for example, have independent websites set up exclusively for this kind of trade.

With these facts stated, the largest benefit in renting textbooks is probably obvious to you now - they help save money. An online review from the Associated Content about Chegg's services and textbook rentals in general even stated that the average savings in book rentals can reach up to 40% or even more.

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