Benefits of Kukui Nut Oil in Natural Soap

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Kukui Nut Oil has a long tradition in Hawaii, but in recent times it gained global recognition. One of its main advantages is that it makes the skin look younger and smoother without being greasy. The oil is obtained from the seeds of Aleurites moluccana tree, which is believed to have been brought to Hawaii by the first settlers from Polynesia. Natural soap based on Kukui Nut Oil is not only able to moisturize and nurture healthy skin, but also to help treat some health conditions that affect the skin. As a consequence, such a natural soap is highly recommended for damaged or dry skin.

Dry skin fully benefits from natural soap that contains Kukui Nut Oil. This ingredient is absorbed by the skin very fast, fact that makes it very efficient. After using a Kukui Nut Oil natural soap, the hydrated skin feels soft and silky, as it never felt before. Antioxidants are essential for the health of the skin, and this oil abounds in them. More precisely, Kukui Nut Oil includes the following:

. Vitamin A
. Vitamin C
. Vitamin E

Due to a protective shield that the oil creates inside the skin layers, all the moisture is kept within. This fact makes the Kukui Nut Oil natural soap particularly good for people with sensitive skin. Besides that, such soaps are highly recommended as an alternative remedy in the treatment of the following skin conditions:

. Acne
. Eczema
. Psoriasis
. Rough and dry skin
. Scars
. Sunburns and windburns

Kukui Nut Oil does more than just making the skin look soft. It can also improve the health of the hair and scalp. Because of this reason, it is included in shampoos that are recommended for the treatment of dry and damaged hair.

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