Benefits of Hair Loss Concealer

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Loss of hair and balding is not a issue that will attack you in the later ages. For many this is an concern to deal with in their early years itself. With the frantic way of living and shortage of nutrition your hair are the first to be impacted. Also hair loss and balding is not a problem limited to men only. Women today are also experiencing this uncomfortable issue. This sooner or later leads to difficulties like lower self-esteem and sadness impacting other areas of life.

To deal with this problem people try a number of products in the market. Mostly getting a hair transplant is on top of the list for the various options available. But this is a better option for men than ladies as men have better chances of providing donor areas compared to women. Also the process of hair transplant is quite daunting. On an average the surgical session size is 1000 to 2000 grafts with a cost of $5 to $6 per graph. The requirement of the graph is determined by the degree of baldness and how thick do you want the transplant to look. After the entire session new hair will begin to grow in around 3 to 4 months and will be mature only after a year.

But recovering hair without a surgical method is the most probable option for many. Here is where hair loss concealers execute a key role. For many years they have been the top choice to cover the balding areas. Hence the market has many suppliers for hair loss concealers. They totally hide the effect hair loss has on your scalp and enable hair growth too. Hair loss concealers make an individual's existing hair appear fuller and healthier. The fuller hair lessens the visibility of the personís scalp.

The magic product, hair concealers are available in many forms. The spray form is most widely used. However ridiculed the product maybe it give amazing results. Hair loss concealers are also available in cream form that thickens the hair temporarily with heavy forms of dyes.

Another form of hair loss concealers has fibers and sprays. Fibers carry out the part of thickening the look of the hair as the powder like formation clings to the hair by means of static electricity. Sprays are mostly a collaboration of fibers and dyes. The effect of these products washes of after the individual shampoos his/ her hair. Also they do not stain your clothes and they have great sturdiness which means they will not be affected by external agents like wind or rain.

Always use a branded hair loss concealer. This will not affect the tissues of your scalp and the health of the existing hair. Try to use a product that has keratin based fibers that combine with the hair using static energy. Remember that the choice of a right hair loss concealer is always a process of trial and error. Also match the color of the concealer with the color of your hair to prevent major goof ups.

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