Benefits Of Going Green

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Hosting websites on green servers is a growing trend for many businesses. It involves hiring companies that purchase power from renewable energy sources like hydroelectric dams and windmills to run their operations. This is in contrast to conventional web hosts who sate their power requirements from power plants using coal, oil and nuclear material for fuel.

The whole process is an effort to reduce the carbon footprint produced annually by the internet. The greenhouse gas emissions arising from the energy consumption of the thousands of servers that make up the World Wide Web is a major contributing factor to the onset of global warming. Things are so bad that experts say in a few years, the total CO2 output of the internet would more than equal that of the airline industryís entire fleet of planes and jets.

Switching to web hosting providers that are rated green is neither difficult nor expensive. In addition, deciding to make the jump provides you with a number of benefits that customers of conventional servers may lack.

High Quality Performance

Deciding to use a green web host will never compromise the user experience of people who visit your website. The fact that it is green has absolutely no bearing on the kind of service it provides. You donít have to compromise at all; green servers can equal and even surpass the capabilities of any conventional web host. In fact, it can even provide a better price for the bandwidth you use since the relative youth of the system makes data congestion unlikely.

Environmentally Friendly

Green web hosting is an environmentally friendly solution to a problem most people didnít even know they had. Aside from being a positive expression of corporate conscience, organizations that opt for this service can garner substantial public support if the move is publicized effectively.

Carbon Footprint Trading

Aside from the environmental implications, the zero carbon footprint of a green web host can also be turned into a business resource. For firms in industries that labor under government-imposed carbon footprint limitations, the ďsavingsĒ accrued can be used to rededicate the emission allowance to some other project. It can also be traded to other companies in exchange for any number of advantages, material or otherwise.

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