Benefits of commuting via public transport

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As the population continues to grow in the UK, the number of people caught in rush hour traffic every weekday continues to increase as well. Millions of hours are wasted every day sat idly on British motorways and A roads listening to the radio.

The government have expressed their growing concerns about the number of cars on British roads during peak times. Transport minister has pledged to explore methods to decrease the amount of rush hour traffic in order to lower the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. There are also worries that tourists heading to London for the Olympics will cause chaos on Britain's roads if traffic levels remain as they are at present.

Public transport is a great alternative method of commuting which not only decreases the amount of cars on the motorway but also has a number of personal benefits for the commuter as well. This article explores the benefits of using public transport for the daily commute to work.


The launch of mobile computing systems such as laptops, tablets and smartphones has meant that busy corporate workers using public transport are now able to catch up with any additional work during their commute. They also have the option to spend their time engaging in more relaxing activities such as reading a magazine or listening to an audio book. It is, of course, illegal to even use your mobile phone or wear headphones whilst driving let alone read a novel or a newspaper.


Whilst the price of trains, coaches and buses have certainly been affected by the economic crisis, it is still arguably cheaper for a lot of workers to commute via public transport due to the sharp rise in fuel costs. Additional expenses such as parking fees are also avoided by hopping on a train or bus.

Stress Levels

Bursting down the motorway and cursing at other drivers is hardly the best way to start your day. Road rage is more likely to affect drivers stuck in huge rush hour queues and can have a negative effect on workers morale for the whole day. A short walk from the train or bus station is also said to be good for workers' health and stress levels.

Public transport may have its critics but there is no arguing that there are definitely benefits of leaving the car at home when faced with the daily commute.

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