Benefits of communications to your company

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Running a successful organisation can be a difficult task at the best of times; however in the current financial climate of recession, this can be an almost uphill battle.

In addition to the costs of running a business, poor communication can hamper your overall business plan. This is where it is important to consider having a safe and secure business phone installed in your place of work, allowing you to be contacted easily on your business phone line.

Changes that can be made

If you are not currently connected to a business phone line then you could be costing your company not only money, but the chance to increase productivity and therefore potential future deals. With this in mind, let us consider how life would be without the use of a Business Phone.

If someone sees your advert in a local newspaper and wants to employ you for work or a contract, then they will need to contact you. This would require them to know your address, and so allowing them to visit you in person, or send a letter requesting the work be done.

If they wish to visit you in person, but arenít sure if you can complete the job for them, or if you are the right type of company, they may be put off of travelling all the way to your shop to find out. This may in turn lose you potential customers. In addition to this, if they do decide to travel to your offices and find that you arenít the right type of company for their needs, then it will have been a wasted journey and they may be unwilling to recommend you to a friend who your company may be perfect for.

Speed increase

If this is compared with using a business phone, then the contrast is stark, as they would simply be able to contact you quickly and easily by phone, finding out exactly what your company specialises in, and should this not be right for them, they will be happy as it only took them a few seconds on the phone, thus recommending your company to their friend in need.

Following in from the previous idea, if the potential customer was to contact you via post, then their letter would have to be sent to you, which would commonly take around two days to reach you. The next step would require you to formulate a written response, which may take another day, followed by time taken for postage. In the end the whole process may take up to a week and a half, if you factor in non work days and other such hold ups. If the request is urgent and cannot wait, then the comparison with a two minute phone call barely need to be made.

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