Benefits of Choosing a Serviced Office

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In the past, the term ‘office’ referred to a physical building in which there were all kinds of office furniture, appliances and of course, employees who are working inside the building. As the world slowly recovers from recession, almost every business is looking for ways to cut down expenses and save money for utilities such as water, heating or cooling and electrical bills. It is no wonder that small as well as large business organizations, companies, medium businesses etc. are seriously looking in to the option of renting a virtual office. They will save a lot of money because they don’t need to shell out money to rent office space; this has become an important factor to consider, especially in these times of economic recession. Hiring a virtual office is getting more popular especially for small or medium sized businesses.

Now let us see how exactly a virtual office functions and its benefits compared to a traditional office. These businesses have skilled customer care support executives who can also answer phone calls and any other queries the clients may have. If you are starting a business or already have an established business, you should know the characteristics of a virtual office and see what kind of services it can offer for your business needs.

A virtual office will let your customers avail a host of services used in traditional offices, such as replying e-mails, responding to faxed messages, answering phone calls, voice and video conference calls, voice to text, live web chatting, making and taking orders, setting up appointments etc. You can hire the services of these companies so that your clients will think they are dealing with an actual traditional office. Another advantage of having a virtual office is that you can have an answering service which functions round the clock. You can also ask for a physical address in a centrally located commercial area which has a stylish and comfortable conference room, because your client may like to discuss or close a business deal face to face with you or your team. All these services can also be customized according to your own unique business needs.
Some of the reasons virtual offices are gaining popularity could be that the employer is finding it difficult to find skilled employees in his area. Other reason could be that the business is growing and is getting more demands for services. On the other hand, hiring a virtual office can save you a lot of money as you do not need to shell out the working capital of maintaining an actual office.

There is also another option to rent office space and they are called serviced offices. Unlike a virtual office, a serviced office has all the furniture and appliances used in an actual office; it is a real physical office space that can be rented. Renting a serviced office will cost you more than a virtual office but the main difference between the two is that a serviced office is a real physical office space whereas a virtual office is as the word suggests, is more of a service oriented provider.

Both these kinds of offices are more useful for small and medium sized enterprises and they allow you to focus on your business growth as other things are already taken care of. The can be used by businesses based from a house, the trade industry, agencies, groups, sales representatives, law firms, accountants, senior managers, real estate businesses, doctors, stock brokers, instructors, consultants and other small businesses.

To sum it up, virtual and serviced offices are fast gaining popularity these days as they have many advantages, especially for small and medium sized businesses; they are also much more cost effective compared to running an actual office. If you want to avoid all the hassles involved in running a traditional office and just want to focus on your business goals, then availing the services of these offices may be the best option for you.

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