Benefits of Air Washers

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The need for efficient air washers or air purifiers is growing due to the worsening air pollution and the increasing number of air-borne contaminants in the air.

Air washers and purifiers are highly beneficial to people who suffer from asthma attacks and allergies caused by bacteria and other contaminant that are in the air because the filtering system in these devices catches the tiniest of dust particles that can trigger an attack. However, though air washers and purifiers minimize your risk of being exposed to allergens, it is still important for you to take preventive measures to avoid asthma and/or allergy attacks. It also prevents people from contracting other illnesses by eliminating disease-causing germs that are flitting in the air.

How To Use Air Purifiers And Air Washers
First, choose one that is the right fit for your room. Air purifiers and air washers usually come with recommendations that let you know how big a room they should be used in. Keep your doors and your windows closed, since these devices wonít work efficiently if when air is constantly moving in and out of the room. Position your air purifier or air washer near a known source of dirty air such as air ducts. And lastly, do not block its filter. Ensure that the intake vents and the air output are at a few feet away from any nearby objects.

How Air Purifiers and Air Washers Work

Air purifiers have filters through which air passes. These filters usually have absorbents that dissolve harmful contaminants. Most purifier filters today can catch up to 97 percent of contaminants that are in the air so the risk of catching diseases is drastically reduced. Most types of filters are maintained by cleaning it with water and by vacuuming. Some however, need to be replaced every few months to continue to yield effective results.

The downside is that these filters may have ozone leakage which, though significantly low at first, may cause considerable health risks in the long run. This has prompted manufacturers to create a healthier alternative. HEPA filters are the most popular filters today. They trap the minutest contaminants with its well-designed randomly arranged fibers.

The latest types of air washers and purifiers safely purify air by using electrolyzed water technology that transforms ordinary tap water to safely remove up to 99percent of germs, bacteria, dust particles, allergens, odors, smoke, molds and VOCís (volatile organic compounds) without generating any harmful ozone. These air washer systems can operate for as long as 12 hours on one full tank of water

Air washers and purifiers will surely improve the air quality in your home (or establishment). Not only will it make the air pollution- and germ-free, it will also increase productivity since sick days are lessened.

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