Benefit from Phoenix TUBA Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation is a popular procedure that has the potential to dramatically change the appearance of women looking to improve upon the size of their breasts. There are a variety of options and techniques available to women seeking this procedure that are tailored to suit your needs and goals; one of the techniques that leaves no scars or incisions in the breast area is the transumbilical breast augmentation, or TUBA.

What is it?

Phoenix transumbilical breast augmentation involves an incision made on the rim of the navel, through which a tunnel is made under the skin through to the breast. A pocket is created, allowing the surgeon to then insert the breast implant without leaving any visible scars or incisions around the breast area. This type of procedure also allows implants to be placed in any of the three available locations breast implants are traditionally placed behind: subglandular, directly behind the breast tissue; partial submuscular, partially behind the breast tissue and pectoral muscle; or complete submuscular, completely behind the pectoral muscle.

As with any procedure, there are some disadvantages associated with Phoenix transumbilical breast augmentation, namely the fact that your surgeon is working away from the breast and this makes the surgery a bit more complex than traditional incisions around the breast tissue. Shaping the breast will be a bit more complicated, so it is imperative that you work with a surgeon who has experience in Phoenix transumbilical breast augmentation so that you can receive the level of care and expertise you need. After all, it's one thing to avoid scarring after breast augmentation, but it is also important to make sure that your end result is satisfactory. If you are interested in having your breasts sculpted to look completely and naturally augmented, your surgeon may recommend considering a different surgical technique in order to achieve the best results possible.

Working With Your Surgeon

For this reason, make sure that you make the most of your pre-surgery consultation with your surgeon. You should be asking to see previous surgery pictures, as well as your surgeon's credentials. He or she should be willing to work with you every step of the way.

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