Beko electric cookers

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Beko electric cookers come in sizes from small to standard to suit the family kitchen. If you're looking for a tiny appliance - maybe because you're single, haven't much cooking space, or buying the appliance for a student you might want to consider the tiny MC112W.

Compact Beko electric cookers

The MC112W Beko electric cooker measures just (H)35.0 x (W)58.5 x (D)42.0 to fit into the tiniest kitchen - it's perfect for studio apartments or bedsits. It has two burners and a conventional oven/grill. The grill runs at a high power of 2 kW.

The oven has a quality glass door which drops down to open. There is thermostatic temperature control to the oven as well as a temperature indicator light and operation light for oven and grill.

Inside the MC112W Beko electric oven you'll find a full width shelf, enamel roasting tray and integral grill rack. The energy rating of the oven is a relatively efficient 'B'.

The only drawback to this miniscule Beko electric cooker is that the large ring cannot be used at the same time as the oven or grill.

This appliance is available in white.

Standard sized Beko electric cookers

Standard sized Beko electric cookers come in a rainbow of classic colours including white, silver, and black. The black Beko electric cooker has been designed to match the rest of the black Beko range which includes dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers and fridge freezers. It is possible to co-ordinate your entire kitchen with black appliances - a stylish new option many home owners are choosing.

The standard size Beko electric cooker typically measures 90cm high, 60cm deep and has a width of 50cm or 60cm. 50cm cookers are a slimline option for smaller kitchens. 60cm cookers will fit most kitchens. Choose the cooker depending on what will most comfortably fit your household.

Beko electric cookers have a choice of one or two cooking cavities. There are several options:

1 cooking cavity - this usually includes a fan or conventional oven, plus integrated grill in a single cavity. It is a cheaper option but can be inconvenient because you will not be able to roast and grill at the same time.

Oven and grill - this includes an oven (conventional or fan) and a separate grill.

Double oven - this incorporates two ovens (usually one fan and one conventional). The upper oven doubles up as a grill depending on what you need it for. This combination offers the greatest level of variation when cooking, and allows you to cook bigger meals or several courses at once. It is a good option for larger families and for those of you who regularly host dinner parties.

Hobs on Beko electric cookers

Electric hobs come in two major varieties; hot plates and ceramic. Ceramic hobs are the more fashionable option and offer ease of cleaning. They are simply a flat, ceramic plate with rings that glow red when hot. Because the ring glows red there is a level of safety included in ceramic hobs. You know not to place your hand on the red, glowing surface.

Hot plate hob options on Beko electric cookers are the more cost effective option, but they are slightly harder to clean.

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