Being Global Qualifies As World News

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The term “Global” has evolved in recent times. People are not as apprehensive about it now as they used to be some time ago. Term “global” was often misunderstood in meaning as “foreign”. Getting independence so late made people of that generation apprehensive about English and foreign all together. But not so much, as the present generations do not give it a second thought while getting accustomed to western culture all together. India is getting more attention due to the pace with which making its presence felt. World news has made the people of all around the world realize what India was and has the potential to be. Political Figures of World Superpower countries are getting updates on India news and aware of every action and their impact on rest of the world. Indian States have contributed in making of India always reported in States News of India.

Global Technology, Global Education, Global Art, Global Language and so on so forth! So strong is the attraction. Newspapers talk about everything in global context only. Time demands this and purpose is more than clear. There is a need for individuals of world to come together and serve humanity rather than individuality. We are trying to make cultures more cohesive to better barter the resources and understanding in order to lower disputes. World News about such global transactions is not rare or even unexpected. It comes just as the extension of sharing basic human relationship. Meetings of respective countries over discussions of issues are one such step.

Internet has served no less as this emerging technology has helped in bridging the gaps. Now few things have no bar of physical boundaries like education and concern. As diversified as India is, Internet facilitated the joining of Indian states also like no other technology could. Now people of whole country want to know about other states news. Lines that have created division even in work culture at various states are being blurred with the impact of Internet. Technology and work ethics have changed the face of India News as an aftermath.

Now the true meaning of being global is truly understood. People from various place, origin, race, caste, state, tradition, culture and values are trying to cooperate to lead to a better environment. We are merging our differences and moving ahead with common good to achieve common goal. Now if these acts make States news, India News or World news, it wouldn’t come as surprise. Happy being Global!

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