Being Both A Painter And A Musician

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Art and music always go together for this one artist. He was used having a house that has singing and painting all the time. As he went to school he then learned that not all the children had a knack for drawing or singing. Music has now been his life after putting art side when he was younger. Growing up he would play with bands and earn more than he was earning working at a car wash.

He was into music even after 30 years. Remembering his talent with painting he decided to try it again 12 years ago. When he tried it out, he has not stopped. Now he's a musician and an artist again, just as he was in early childhood. There is more life and soul to the paintings he has made so far.

Taking painting lessons from a friend who was also a musician was what he did first. He tried to hone his skills while being under his mentor. During his studies he was able to create a painting that was chosen as a promotional print the year it was painted, and a portrait of a long haired, white cat.

What you want to say will come out in the end results. Emotional impact is important hence, in each scene that is what he looks for. Usually, his main targets for people's portraits are the flattering images. With flattery comes the right kind of lighting for the portrait.

Being able to get the right lighting and shadow depth will bring a certain three dimension factor to the picture. He uses watercolors but his watercolors are frequently mistaken for oils. He works with watercolor since it is easy to use.

Apart from all the other paintings he has done one of them was a mural for a couple who live in the Clover Hill section of Frederick. The image was of colonial Williamsburg which covered one wall in the house. For the couple, the scene represents one more element in their passion for anything that reminds them of the early American village. The mural is of a fictional street and it is about 10 feet wide by 4 feet tall.

Since his aim was to make the image more real he added touches of wagons and people dressed in colonial garb and hollyhocks. He was working about six to 12 hours a day four days a week just to make the project. Rehearsals were what the other three days was for. One cannot escape the physical and mental drain that comes with painting. One will need to muster a lot of concentration for this.

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