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Behr paint reviews are useful as it is important to get the right paint and helps to know more about the paint you are going to buy. Obtaining substandard quality house paint might seem good in the beginning as you could save some cash and it'll look fine for a while, but soon it will start degrading and it won't be long before you start wishing you'd invested in some higher quality fresh paint. Is behr a high quality product even though it is popular? Read on for the information you need to make your choice.

You should know about the product firstly. Behr paint is made from high quality materials and formulated with advanced techniques and technology. 100% acrylic binders are used by them and the pigments used makes it strong and attractive paint and even it is resistant to damage . Their paint also comprises of mildewcides which prevents mold and mildew getting into it. Behr paint also contains their patented Nanoguard technology which uses smaller particles to interlock between larger ones, creating a paint that is even more durable and long lasting. It is as a result of all of these demonstrations of quality and commitment to client satisfaction that Behr paint reviews are generally quite positive.

One consumer that gave Behr paint reviews was entirely satisfied with the result and plans to continue using Behr paint for all of her painting in the future. The reviewer commented that the paint went on quickly, allowing her to paint all of the exterior brick on her house in a single day. The color was quite strong and came out beautifully. She also used Behr paints for the interior of her house and stated it help up great and enhanced the appearance considerably. The cost and availability is the only downside. Behr paint is only carried by Behr paint shops and Home Depot, so it could be difficult to get if you don't have either near you. The paint goes on sale a couple of times though it is higher priced in general. On the whole the reviewer was very pleased and greatly recommends the paint.

Despite that glowing review, not all Behr paint reviews are positive. One other reviewer remarked on exactly the same limitations as the previous, the lack of supply and price, and also had issues with the finished product. Though the paint was quite good but latterly, it required more coatings frequently than planned. Moreover, the third batch of paint had a different shine than the initial two, which a Home Depot employee stated was a very common problem with the paints.

You should find high quality paint in order to make your house look the best for as long as possible. Whilst there are some concerns, most Behr paint reviews are positive and recommend it as a high quality color paint.

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